March 22, 2023 |

S11 | Medical & Marital Wakeup Calls with Drea Aguilar & Sam Gibbs Morris

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Join Allana Pratt as she delves into compelling conversations with Drea Aguilar and Sam Gibbs Morris, two remarkable individuals who are deeply passionate about healing and transformation. Drea, the dream weaver, is dedicated to co-creating a new paradigm where everyone's basic needs are met, inspiring others to become solutions-based and take actionable steps towards healing trauma. Meanwhile, Sam is committed to guiding men in expanding their nervous system capacity, enabling them to embrace the evolution of their masculinity and fully embrace their lives. Witness Sam's personal journey from addiction and despair to purpose and empowerment, as he now holds space for men to explore their edges, embrace vulnerability, and embody their masculine presence. Discover the transformative power of these intimate conversations and the invaluable insights they offer on the path to personal and relational growth. Experience the guidance of Allana Pratt, renowned intimacy coach, as she facilitates profound awakenings and inspires lasting change.

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