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S12 | Intimate Conversations: Candid Confessions – Feeling Anger is for Badasses!

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In this episode I reveal why I created the Theatre of Redemption and why it works… and why many clients avoid it yet once they go through it the first time, their life opens up. I move on to answer (5) of your awesome questions...

1. What the first steps someone should take when they feel completely overwhelmed by anger and betrayal after a relationship ends?

*Feel. Thinking won’t help. Distracting and bypassing clearly make it worse. Create space, a safe container, with a facilitator such as myself, or the backdrop of Nature or being received by Consciousness Itself and FEEL.

2. You often speak about transforming negative emotions into positive action. Can you please tell me how?

* Positive action is best accessed after doing the Theatre of Redemption in the Dance of Polarity Process where you literally see how you are better, stronger, wiser and more evolved having gone through the abuse. The alchemy from anger into fierce love happens in various stages of feeling and integrating and trusting the body will take you back to zero if you just stay with it.

3. For someone just acknowledging their experience with sexual abuse, what’s one healing practice you believe is crucial to start with?

* In my first Psychedelic Somatic Integration sessions, all the memories, sensations, sounds, smells and emotions came back… ultimately I forgave myself. This was literally life changing. Once the hyper vigilance is integrated, not only do you stop attracting abusers, you’ve rewired secure attachment to yourself and feel home, whole and enough.

4. After discovering that my partner’s was cheating on me, I’m struggling to trust again, even in myself. What’s the first step I should take to start healing this trust?

* Trust is an inside job. As much as we’d like to… we just can't control people! We can trust them to be themselves. Yet truly seeing and feeling and knowing who they are often comes from our intuition and instincts which you can NOT access when your heart is closed or you’ve left your body in dissociation.

5. Allana, since my divorce, I've been terrified of entering a new relationship. How can I overcome this fear and start to open up to the possibility of love again?

* There are layers of emotions to integrate after a divorce, a plethora of lessons to learn, new capacities to embody… taking a coaching journey with a conscious community and proven coach will provide this path, you will enjoy the journey of healing, dating and finding deeper healthier love.

Shadow work is my jam... as is Little You inner child work...they seem beautiful compliments to our evolution. I know, not hope or think, KNOW that when we feel the darkest most uncomfortable emotions, they ALWAYS return to peace and joy and Oneness. ALWAYS.

Having this certainty mixed with deep compassion is the greatest gift I can give to honor my client’s bravery. Watching them release unhealthy inner and outer dynamics and thrive in healthy love and deep intimacy is SO rewarding!

I look forward to seeing you in my calendar, your application in my inbox, creating a video response for you right away, then jumping on Zoom to connect heart to heart for the first time… the first day of the rest of your life where you have stopped repelling the intimacy, love and depth of connection you desire.

I celebrate your bravery and can’t wait to meet you.

Huge love, Allana oxox

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