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S12 | Intimate Conversations – Become The One: Client Samantha’s Story & Healing Tools That Work

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Talk about an awakening of presence, elegance, confidence and unapologetic ownership of her dreams... I loved this one on one girl night connection about Little You, feelings and love with my inspiring client Samantha. This recording came on the tail end of spending close to a week with her in Costa Rica at the annual Intimacy Retreat... and was even more special given she came to me recommended by a past client who found the love of her life and is now married.

In this inspiring conversation we also discussed...

How the caliber of men she's attracting based on this work is higher as is her willingness and capacity to be alluring, bold and more patient in her dating journey...

How this work allowed her to give voice to her dreams to be recognized for her service work on the planet as well reveal a pure, core desire to be a mother...

How how her need for protection and control has softened if not dissolved and how she appreciates our weekly coaching group...

How attending the most recent retreat made it clear how non negotiable it is to be with a partner who 'does the work' and be in a conscious community where we have each other's back...

How she's actually responsible for me meeting the love of my life!

About Samantha:
Samantha, a true New Yorker at heart, currently calls Jersey City home. She's often found snuggled up with Gigi, her adorable 4-year-old boxer. Samantha has a passion for exploring local parks, especially Untermyer Gardens in her hometown of Yonkers. Professionally, she's deeply dedicated to her role as a fundraiser, advocating for causes that champion equity, justice, and compassion. When she's not busy saving the world, you'll find Samantha on the tennis court, her yoga mat, or simply enjoying the great outdoors. With a zest for life, a strong connection to her community, and a mission to spread positivity, Samantha is all about living her best life and inspiring those around her.

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