November 2, 2018 |

Amy Smith | Intimate Conversations Podcast

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I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!!! OMG the first time we met yeeeears ago... she has this energy, unapologetic message, humble heart centered sass, drops the f bomb as much as I do... AND she's celebrating 21 yrs together and 19 yrs married with Mr. Smith! Amy GETS that living a full life does NOT mean a life void of pain... it's HOW you feel and deal with the pain that makes all the difference.

This episode is chalked full of wisdom of how to KNOW who you are matters and what you desire matters... AND the communication tools to actually ask for what you need... bringing you close, EVEN through conflict. We both geek out on emotions, vulnerability and learning IN towards feelings... that's where the land of possibilities is waiting! This woman walks her talk, her fashion is always such an inspiration for me, her full self expression always lifts me and DAMN we're lucky she's on the planet. Listen here! xooxoxoxxo

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