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VIPs are for successful people who have hit their threshold. They know that if things don’t change, they’re headed for a train wreck. Or a neutered life of mediocrity and settling. VIPs value one on one attention. They value deep dives. They value exclusive attention. They value a Master Coach like me who is non-judgmental, progressive in her thinking, badass and unwavering in her results. I’m as tender, safe and patient as they come, and willing to stop at NOTHING  until we’re on the other side and you’re thriving, free and your best possible self. 

VIPs are for singles or couples who are ready to commit 5 months or more to their personal evolution knowing they are here to make a substantial impact on humanity, knowing their kids deserve a better role model. VIPs know a private master coach of my capacity is the partnership required to change things for the better.

The first step is to register for a discounted $97 session with one of my trained Intimacy Success Advisors. Let us provide tremendous value shining a light on a blind spot in an Intimacy Blindspot Call. Then, should you clearly qualify for the VIP journey with me, you will be invited to move forward. This is my genius, my super power, my life’s gift to give you. My promise to you is a healed heart and deep profound nourishing intimacy that lasts. And so we begin. All my love, Allana xox


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