Intimacy Breakthrough Group Coaching

Times are shifting.  Humanity is evolving.  We get that living in silos separate from one another creates loneliness, self doubt and feeling like we are terribly alone, and not enough. There is a magic that unfolds from the collective consciousness.  There is a possibility still yet un-manifest that is waiting to arise when we choose to put ourselves in a high vibrational intentional conscious community… ALL headed in the same direction to breakthrough intimacy blindspots and HAVE thriving deeply connected intimate relationships.

In the Group you are safe, seen and understood. This is a non-judgemental zone of unconditional love. And we’re going to have a crap load of fun together ? We’ve got you. I get so turned on thinking where you’ll be a year from now. I’ll have watched you succeed in dating, relationships, confidence, self expression and intimate connection. Register now for your $97 discounted Intimacy Breakthrough Call and let’s first give you tremendous value breaking through your Intimacy Blindspot on that call… and then let’s discover if you are the perfect fit to invite into the amazing Weekly Group Coaching Community. All my love, Allana xox

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