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Helping Women Achieve An Orgasm

I am not a PHD yet I have gone from not even knowing I had a clitoris or what it was… to being multi-orgasmic and ejaculatory… and I have supported my female clients in going from non- orgasmic to orgasmic, or orgasmic to ejaculatory. Read More →

Doing it Outside


OK, I adore this photo! Yamini took it at my women’s retreat up in northern California. I felt so sexy, like a forest nymph, ready for the Earth to DO ME! I really feel sexy in nature! I remember even giving a client an adventurous homework assignment to bring some ropes, a velvet eye mask and when hiking with her husband, to get him to turn around while she did her best to tie herself to a tree and invite him to ravish her! (I heard it went rather erotically!) Read More →

3 Ways to stay SANE during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner can be sooo yummy and joyous… AND it can trigger old family wounds and drive you bonkers. Here are three ways to support yourself in having the best experience this year and every family gathering.

  1. Make it a Spiritual Practice
  2. Let yourself be Distracted
  3. Don’t go (OMG I actually said that out loud)

As I explain these scenarios, see if any resonate with you as a point of view that would bring you more joy, that would create the space for you to be you no matter what so-and-so said, and if they give you the added energy to navigate this being your most joyous Thanksgiving and Holiday season yet.

And, let me know how they went! Sending you huge delicious love!

~ Allana xoxoxo





Top 10 Things I Appreciate about Myself Today!

Allana and the morning sunset1.   I allow my tender vulnerable parts to be seen and soothed by the light of kindness
2.   I embrace my erotic nature, it’s sacred and kinky parts, they are the same anyways when welcomed beyond judgment
3.   I’m super courageous and will never ever give up, ever
4.   I am willing to not know the outcome and follow the energy
5.   I explore what’s right about my socially unacceptable beautiful unique truths
6.   I love God/the Field/Consciousness madly as my Lover
7.   I let myself be moved to tears about the blessing of being alive
8.   I’m getting OK with leaving people in the dust & soaring
9.   I forgive myself for when I was too scared to follow my knowing
10. I adore money and all the pleasure and change I can create with it

Bonus Round cuz appreciation tends to multiply…

1.   I’m getting better at not giving a crap about what people think
2.   I do my work, my practices, chop wood carry water, while being open to magic and ease and being gratefully surprised by the Universe

My Magnificent Montana Travels

MontanaBig Sky is right. Yet the mountains were hazy, a huge 450 ache fire was ablaze when I first arrived in Bozeman, MT yet within a few days it was gone.

One of the cool things about Bozeman is it’s surrounded by mountains in every direction! So we basically went to one mtn range a day, hit 3 out of 4 on this trip, and a morning spent at a local river shooting video… such glory within minutes from where I was staying. Divine.

I enjoyed a BUMPY ride… OK, did I really enjoy it? Well my bladder would say something different, yet the scenery was so breathtaking on the drive up to Fairy Lake… the wild flowers were incredible. The lake was SO GREEN you wouldn’t believe it! Wish I’d brought a dingy… pure heaven. Read More →

How to clean up your past with your Ex.

Me on the rocks at Lake Tahoe, where's my paddle boardA Facebook friend Dave in the men’s community sent this fabulous rant about what’s good about him… and also asked ‘how exactly do you ‘clean up your past’. I’ve got major issues with my ex, which I won’t go into (unless you need me to in order to give an opinion) but i’m curious how you all managed to clean your past up and move to a more positive mind set?  Yes, getting past your ex is key to moving forward or the proverbial ‘luggage’ will hold you back. How is something that’s simple and yet not easy. I’d love the blessing of a private session with you for it’s pretty deep work, almost always brings up energy, emotions and feelings that we normally push away… they feel too big, intense, like they’d kill us, that we might hurt someone, yet when I hold impeccably safe, honoring, strong and wise space… literally like being the banks of the river so YOU can surrender… you can actually let go enough to let them go… revelations will unfold that are YOURS…

I’m never hear to tell you what to do or who you are or why things happen… I am here to be a wise healer, impermeable stand for your greatness so that you’re held and can let go and see what’s RIGHT about choosing her, the gift, the lesson… you can see what’s Possible once you claim and integrate the gift of being with her… while you find your footing in mid air, I hold space, encourage, acknowledge, be tender, kind, funny and inspiring… and deliciously we get to the other side relatively quickly. The deeper you dive, the farther you soar. Read More →