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Single Moms Have the Advantage


First off, to all single moms, being one myself, it’s a lot. A lot to take out the trash, do your own taxes, keep the young ones alive AND take care of you. YET one of the best things you can do for yourself to be a great mom is first:  HEAL your past wounds from divorce or a loss, and second: KNOW that when you don’t make time for being a WOMAN… your parenting suffers… as does your self-esteem.

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ME time for Single Parents

I’m a single mom of a 10 yr. old boy, an entrepreneur and an Intimacy Expert. In the early days, I noticed if I didn’t sleep until 7am and woke when my son got up at some ungodly hour, I was cranky, crunchy and impatient. Read More →

3 Ways to stay SANE during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner can be sooo yummy and joyous… AND it can trigger old family wounds and drive you bonkers. Here are three ways to support yourself in having the best experience this year and every family gathering.

  1. Make it a Spiritual Practice
  2. Let yourself be Distracted
  3. Don’t go (OMG I actually said that out loud)

As I explain these scenarios, see if any resonate with you as a point of view that would bring you more joy, that would create the space for you to be you no matter what so-and-so said, and if they give you the added energy to navigate this being your most joyous Thanksgiving and Holiday season yet.

And, let me know how they went! Sending you huge delicious love!

~ Allana xoxoxo





“Where Babies Come From”

My clients often send me funny little jokes, inspirational photos… It’s only the odd hooligans that send me photos of their penises (can you believe it?)

So anyhoooo, a great client sent me this funny joke about kids telling where babies come from… I immediately thought about that Mom in the joke AFTER the baby had arrived… Did she take time for her? Was she running on empty? Had she lost her identity? Was she exhausted and blaming herself?

Or did she learn what I learned and wrote about in my book Missing Handbook to Motherhood so she could be happy, healthy, juicy and alive? I wish someone had told ME about the tips, tools and practices that are in my book… AND also given me permission to fill up my tank before I was the walking dead… for when my cup runneth over.

I am an amazing Mom! When Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!

Pleasure and Expecting ~ New Parents Can Still Be Intimate Partners!

Pregnancy and PleasureBe Peaceful: What? I’m so huge I can’t move! (or) The kid doesn’t stop crying! I haven’t slept in weeks!
I hear you! You are expanding in size, in life and in your relationship. You are in this together, so the next time you see your beloved, tickle them. I’m totally serious…have Pleasure.   Smile and ask for what you need. A bath.  A nap. Support each other to do small things that relieve stress: 10 minutes sitting under a tree listening to a guided meditation to drown out the crying, hit the crap out of a pillow and cuss like a sailor listening to a heavy metal song, dance slowly to some sultry songs to move your voluptuous body, even in the kitchen together while the bottles are warming… Read More →

Sexy Moms Create Fun and Embrace Life!

To me being a sexy mom is about embracing activities with my child deliciously vs stressed out, overwhelmed and empty. It’s like washing dishes with music playing, it’s a choice to do even the most mundane chores joyfully or begrudgingly.

So this past spring break, I embraced some hikes we took wearing more sexy hiking gear, or bringing succulent picnics… even inviting a good male friend along on one, so I could experience being supported and my son could have some nature time alone man to man. Read More →