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Shared My Story on Reinvention Radio

I am kicking butt and taking names (ok not really but how delicious would that be!)  I will slap my ass as I reinvented intimacy with the incredibly people of Reinvention Radio.

If you missed it live, you can catch it here:

Here is my favorite highlight of my interview:

She created a 7 step process to help end the fear of rejection, keep your heart open to receive, and have a soul-shaking conscious relationship with yourself, with Source and your Beloved. She’s learned that talk therapy isn’t the full answer. Who needs a greater understanding of why their life doesn’t work? They need it healed.

New Self-Help Book featured on Dating News

The exquisite honor to be called upon in order to share my knowledge and personal insight is orgasmic.  Writing my new self-help book allowed me to expose myself to the world, to share my inner most personal secrets, and to reveal how one can rise above – releasing to the universe what has been holding us back.

To have Dating News write about my new book was a blessing!  I am so excited to share this article with you.  Here is my favorite part:

It may not be easy, but Allana emphasizes to singles that love is always worth moving through scary challenges into deeper connection. Her steadfast encouragement reminds people not to give up in the face of dating or relationship challenges. As she said, “Being uncomfortable means you’re growing beyond where your last relationship failed.”

Read the entire article here:

Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Broderick & Antje Boyd

Finding your soulmate may seem like an impossible feat, but trust me when I say Broderick and Antje Boyd know how to do just that.  They not only show people how to find their soulmate, but how to keep that love hot and sizzling for years to come.

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Our Secrets Keep Us Sick

Today I had brunch with my friend Christina. Hadn’t seen her since my BDay party at a Burlesque show! We shared about our personal stories and how our secrets keep us sick, small and stuck.

Brunch with Christina

Christina’s full name is, Christina Dunbar. She’s sharing her secret life as an exotic dancer and what she discovered about sex, shame and money.

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Knoworthy Profile: Intimacy Expert

KnoworthyI am so grateful and excited that my friends at Know Worthy wrote this fabulous, in depth article. They were so thorough and completely engaging with their comments.

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Self Esteem and Feeling Overweight


My self esteem seems to be completely tied to the numbers on the scale. How do I learn to love myself even when the scale shows I am carrying a few extra pounds?

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