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Woman Resting in BathAllana’s Relaxing, Detoxing & Healing Stress Relieving Bath

I believe we’re at least 60% water, yes? Dr. Emoto’s amazing results of changing the molecular structure of water through our words and thoughts is breathtaking. Various guided meditations I’ve created over the years have included the ocean, or soothing ponds where warm rain washes away limiting beliefs.

Juxtapose that embracing of water’s power….to a rushed quick shower, my mind racing, scrubbing my body unconsciously… totally missing the soothing healing capacity the shower has to soothe my soul, wash away limiting beliefs, cleanse me of the prior day and leave me fresh to create something wonderful…

And so I now I make baths a priority and wanted to share my personal ritual and products with you. I encourage you ladies to play track 2 (Luscious You) in my ‘Embracing the Sacred Erotic YOU’ Guided Meditations… using your bath time as a potent ritual of healing, de-stressing and coming home more deeply to your true feminine nature. Sometimes all we need is a wee prompting to treat ourselves with the adoration we deserve.

So here is a list of ingredients to make the most nourishing detoxing bath possible… listen to my loving voice to support you letting go of the day, the past, the judgments that aren’t even yours… if tears are there… let them out… if pain is in your body… let the water dissolve it away… if you’re trying to control something… just let it wash away…. cleanse anything unsupportive so you can effortlessly reveal the pure phenomenal Being you are… know you are adored!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!

What you’ll need to add as you run your hot-as-you-can-stand-it bath:

1. Epsom Salt– 2-3 cups
2. Sacred Mountain Essential Oil – 5 drops
3. Vitamin C Powder – 1000-2000 mg
4. Baking soda- 1/2 cup

I LOVE lighting an Aspen Bay Candle found in this section- Vesuvius is the one that makes me KNOW I am a Goddess. Try it. Lasts forever.
Then press play on track 2, Luscious You, of my Embracing the Sacred Erotic YOU guided meditation…and voila!
You will FEEL like a new women, yet all you’ve done is take the time, energy and investment to create the space to return to your Soul, your Essence, your Divine Feminine Nature, because you are worth it! I love spending $100 on all the products that make my home a spa EVERYDAY rather than more than $100 on going to a spa only one time! True?

Aspen Bay Seasons Collection 20 oz, Spice
Aspen Bay Seasons Collection – Spice

This is my favorite candle when it’s chilly outside, it warms my very core, making my cells smile. It makes me feel potent and like a temptress. Anything is possible… I like to drink this special spice tea with it, too, so I can SLEEP and writhe into my sexy dreams of infinite luscious possibilities…

Aspen Bay Capri Blue Jar – Aloha OrchidAspen Bay Capri Blue Jar – Aloha Orchid

Remember when I was at Dr. Dain’s Being You in Maui last February? THIS candle reminds me of paddle boarding out in the glorious ocean, seeing sea turtles pop up their heads to wink at me. It reminds me of that bold moment when I DANCED in the sunset with whales breaching and dancing with me, as the sand massaged my feet and my brave dancing soul expressed herself no matter what anyone thought of me.

I remember once having this candle burning when I read Dr. Dain’s business partner Gary Douglas’s book called The Place… there is this sex scene in it… it’s not even sex… it’s exquisite communion of souls… brought tears to my eyes how beautiful intimacy can be. I choose that… over and over and over… yum.


Aspen Bay Traviata Jar – VesuviusAspen Bay Traviata Jar – Vesuvius

Have you ever seen Dangerous Beauty? This candle reminds me of being a Courtesan in Venice, honored and praised for my sensuality, my brilliance, my healing touch, my empowering gaze…I interviewed Marshall Herzkovitz, the director, about this movie… the last scene where Veronica Franco says… Pleasure is my Prayer… makes me cry every time. What would it take for me to interview Rufus Sewell about his role? Mmmm….


VibesUp200x200VibesUP – Vibrational Energy Tools

Do you know what the root cause of physical illness, mental illness, emotional illness is??? It is Shortage of ENERGY. Let’s get that energy back, after all it never goes away, it just gets stuck and dense. You have a light inside…that light is where the healing begins.  

These tools will help  you pinpoint when and where experiences muddied up your energy and teaches you how to transform and transmute it, therefore transcending it.  To start, let’s uncover your personal energetic patterns of belief and examine the belief systems that keep you stuck.

When energy flows, new doors open. When energy flows, new neural pathways are built in the brain. When energy flows, you open up channels in your brain for new information to stream in effortlessly. New awareness. New perspective. New insights. New opportunities. A new paradigm. You are a powerhouse of energy. It IS TIME… time to HEAL yourself. HEAL the planet. Make miracles happen. 

Whoo Hoo…these are our favorite vibrational energy tools!  Click in and get some of these babies to unlock some energy, balance your frequency and neutralize some charges!

Books, Music, & Movies


The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris

While this book is written to a man, and the illustrated clitoral loving positions are meant for a man to know how to bring us unheard of amounts the pleasure, the illustrated clitoral loving section is great for both men and women. I learned a lot! And now have even more pleasure than before! Every man ought to be required to read this book before going near our pleasure center! And every women ought to read this to know her body’s magic and to experience her birthright of pleasure. Grab this now! And let pleasure reign!

BeingYou By DrDainHeer Being You, Changing The World

I didn’t put this down until like 3am the first night I bought it… It was like food. Nourishment for my Being. Truth not spoken by the world. I HAD to interview him for Intimate Conversations. Then we created Your Delicious Body. I adore this man, grateful to call him my colleague and friend. Get the audio clearings that come with it, even now, over a year later, I put on that clearing CD when I drive my son to school and we both zone out into bliss, it calms him yet fortifies him. A must read. It’s like coming home.


Money Isn't the Problem You AreMoney Isn’t The Problem, you are.

I created a loop of the questions in this book… so many eye openers, totally changed the way I think about money and my business from a heavy job to a joyous expression of my most delicious life! So many practices in my life have changed, having money in my wallet, savings, gratitude, literally asking if buying something will make me money… it’s made me appreciate my business more, appreciate the beauty the money brings my life and inspired me to blow the doors off how wealthy I can be. In fact I just sold my Moroccan lamps a moment ago (I asked and they didn’t want to own me! They didn’t want to live with me!) and the man who bought them said I look JUST like his friend who just married a man worth 2 Billion. How does it get any better than that?


Magic You Are It Be ItMagic. You Are It. Be It.

I am literally reading this RIGHT NOW and already you HAVE to get it. Simple. Profound. We ARE magic. When did you forget? I forgot about 16. Maybe earlier. Yet this book is reminding me not only that I am magic, but HOW to clear away everything in the way of having magic grace my life… and also steps to creating it that are simple and potent. I am literally coming out of my skin enthused with all I can create. And not the old linear way. Not needing to justify or prove anything. Just HAVE it. I am SO grateful for this book. It’s on my Kindle and I’m reading it in the grocery store line, in the dentist’s waiting room… it’s like I have a secret, like wearing super hot leopard lingerie… this book is like having a secret to creating miracles.


Dark Side By Debbie Ford The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers

When I interviewed Debbie, I was so confronted by this book I couldn’t finish it before our conversation. Yet she showed me the path to my freedom. Months later I had the courage to face my darkness, tell the truth, and leave my marriage that I had chosen to save me from being alone when my mom died. Not pretty to admit, yet true. And once I could be honest with myself, I could forgive myself and make amends. Debbie’s book helped me touch those places and now I am able to hold space for my clients, especially in half or full day intensives, to go to the core, judgment free, safe in a potent sanctuary to dance in the darkness and come out radiant in Truth, Freedom and Joy. Thank you sweet Debbie.


Spiritual Divorce By Debbie Ford Spiritual Divorce

When I got divorced (the first time) my mom told me to turn off the blinking sign over my head FAILURE, FAILURE. Bless my mom. Then Debbie’s book showed me HOW to turn it off. Tool, practices, insights and the path to see how this decision was an opportunity for great growth and evolution for my soul. Then I was able to pass along my wisdom to my clients, able to hold a space of non judgment and curiosity about what’s RIGHT about this they are not owning. A shift in point of view is required and when this book showed me another perspective, my whole reality shifted. Thank you Debbie. And thank you Mom.


From Heartbreak to Happiness By Aurora Winter From Heartbreak To Happiness

Years ago with my first radio show, How Mama Got Her Groove Back, I had the honor of interviewing Aurora Winter. I read her book almost in a night… stayed up riveted by her journey. Held along her story to process my own loss of my mom through osmosis… her steps for healing soothed my soul and our interview was exceptional. Since then we’ve gone on to become wonderful friends, I interview her on radio and on camera, I speak at her events, contributing the gifts I am thanks to her setting me free from the grief of death and divorce that was holding me back. Let this book set you free as well. Thank you Aurora.


The Presence Process by Michael BrownThe Presence Process

Back when I was doing work with Warrior Sage I read this book. His writing is so clear, his processes so simple, and the message so profound. There are a million ways to Sunday, what if this is yours to that silent sweet place beyond the mind? I loved it.

The Great Mother Bible

I normally finish a book before I send it to my amazing staff to recommend as a resource for you, yet this book has made me cry, laugh, open and connect so deeply to myself and the Planet that I JUST had to get it into your hands right away. I’ve personally spoken with Mare on Zoom… as we spoke of Mother Earth’s message all the hair on my arms stood up. I can feel what she channels. Get this book now, our precious planet wants us to hear this message.



Spiritual Economics by Eric ButterworthSpiritual Economics

This book has writing all over it now from so many reads and so many inspirations popping up. I learned about it from attending Agape and it began to truly shift the way I see wealth, money and abundance as being in me, as me, through me.



BookWeighing Love

“Weighing Love”, will give you insights on how to fall in love with yourself, your body and your life. Receive exercises that guide you on how to fall in love with yourself and your body today! Learn tips and tricks that you can use not only today but forever! Begin to transform your life today!


Sex & Toys




The Good Nookie Kit

Did you hear the amazing interview on Intimate Conversations LIVE with Dr. Sadie? (6/26/14) We spoke of several tips, tools and techniques to enhance the sizzle in your sex life. And one of the best solutions to bring a surge of orgasmic pleasure into your bedroom is her Good Nookie Kit which OF COURSE I put to the test! AHHHHHH!!!! is just the beginning! The kits brings joy, humor, intimacy, connection, erotic ecstasy, bliss and orgasms through the roof. AND it extends out for dinner, in the bath, a quickie… you have to have this descrete package that will arrive on your doorstep unmarked… your partner will thank you, life will get better and better. Promise.


Sinclair Institute Ultime Natural Contours Personal Massagers

I’ve hosted several DVDs for this company, love them, trust them. And I LOVE
this vibrator for when I travel and I don’t care that the world sees it
going through security…


Kiss Kiss MeKiss Kiss Me New- Arrival Golden Orgasmic Thrusting Waterproof Butterfly Vibrating with Steel Ball

Yet for my bedroom alone or with a partner, I love this one… the golden
color makes me feel like a Bond Girl.

California Jack RabbitCalifornia Exotics Waterproof Jack Rabbit with Floating Beads

You can never go wrong with a Rabbit… and it’s important to have a
waterproof vibrator for summers in the hot tub… winters in the bath… or
whatever adventures in nature you enjoy.



CaptureMy Secret Luxury

My Secret Luxury is one of my favorite stores … for fun toys! Check out the variety of pleasure products .. toys, books, movies, bath and body products and more. This online store is packed with all the  sensual and pleasurable products you need!

Places & Events


October 22nd: Feminine Masters Workshop

In this online workshop, discover the path to feminine success with heart-felt love and warmth from some of the top female minds in their fields. Create your own personal path and connect with some like-minded women all over the world.

October 27th: Practical Health Summit

Join some of the world’s top experts as we discover their untapped secrets to living healthier and happier lives. On budget, on your time, and on your terms.



The Revolutionary Acceptance: How Your Child’s Sexuality Can Affect You

teen's blue eyes staring upThis course is designed to address concerns of parents and families based on years of coaching, teaching and communication with those who have found it challenging to accept their child’s sexuality. These modules contain the very questions of parents from across the world who have the same concerns and feelings you may be having and have found relief and learned intimacy with their child. Here is your way to expand your awareness and find peace and joy in relationship, no matter your children’s sexual orientation.

Programs and Courses


LOD-AllanaRecThe Language of Desire

A complete program designed to show YOU a naughty erotic secret about men that even the nicest, shyest, most innocent woman can use to get any man you want more turned on and desperate for you than he’s ever been for any woman in his entire life. I Promise, Woman to Woman…. this program will get your juices flowing and turn you into the ultimate man-magnet.

LolImageThe Language of Lust

If you’ve ever caught a girl smiling at you, playing with her hair, flirting with you and
giving you what you thought was every signal in the book , Only to have her TURN AWAY  and TREAT YOU LIKE A CREEP when you try to make eye contact or say hi, you need to go check out this crazy video right now. Language of Lust will show you exactly how to interpret signals from women and give them exactly what they want, when they want it!


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The recommendations for the above are only suggestions of third party items that I love or support. These recommendations do not come with a guarantee or warranty of any kind (by me). I have reviewed and tested them as thoroughly as possible for my needs, but you are still responsible for their correct use and the product or service may change at anytime without my knowledge.

Ultimately, I’m interested in helping you succeed and I continually search far and wide to find products and services that can help. I encourage you to consider some of the ones mentioned to see if they are right for you.

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