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Women’s 3 Audio Downloads: If you are having trouble trusting men after a divorce or breakup, don’t feel confident dating after 40 and aren’t at peace in your luscious body, these audios are perfect for you.

  1. What’s the biggest sabotaging factor that drains our sensuality, and how to shift that.
  2. What is a sexy woman, what is the foundation upon which you will soar?
  3. How do we create lasting sexual appeal, year after year?


Men’s 3 Audio Downloads: If you are having trouble trusting women after a divorce or breakup, or women put you in the ‘friend zone’ and you have incessant doubt about making solid choices in love, these audios are perfect for you.

  1. How to speak to a woman in a way that they respect you and are attracted to you?
  2. How confidence is a turn on and what a ‘Yes’ means to confidence?
  3. How does 1 inch make all the difference? (And it is probably not the inch you are thinking about).

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