Season 9

April  2019:

April 4th, Jennifer Longmore, Create the Life you Want

Jennifer is magic. My whole body and being gets a wake up call when I speak with her. It’s been a few years since we spoke last on the show. Her life continues to expand deliciously, abundantly and joyously. There’s an ease to creation for Jennifer, she KNOWS she creates what she intends. Period. Listen Now.


April 12th Evan Marc Katz, Inspire Your Belief in Love

AHHH! One of my favorite people on the planet!!! We laugh so much! He provides such honest effective advice. And we don’t always agree… I do such deep inner work and he has a more practical approach… yet ultimately we’re saying the same thing and desire women to find love. I of course also work with men, yet we’re both up for ending suffering and shining light in blind spots.


April 19th Deborah Kagan, Unspoken Communication

To me Deborah is so sexy… yummy in her body… willing to go deep, sit in the shit, feel, marinate and emerge with the gift, the lesson, the awareness, the unspoken communication, the aliveness and turn on that’s our birthright. AND she can teach it! Her retreats sound completely divine to awaken from having somehow lost our mojo. Every time I’m in her presence I’m invited to open, shine more, let go, show up.


April 26th Tripp Kramer, Redefining Rejection

Ok, I really adore this dude. He gets it. And he’s such a glorious compliment to my inner work with his practical tools. He’s authentic in that he speaks from experience having been frustrated with dating and through diving into books and workshops then putting it into practice in the real world, he’s learned how to be rejection proof! His book Magnetic goes into redefining what rejection really is anyways, to free men from trepidation around approaching women and instead stepping into their charisma and just be themselves, even their silly selves!







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