Season 9

January  2019:

January 4th, Rico Caveglia, Passion and Clarity 

I love this man’s honesty! His fire! His passion, clarity and simple yet profound know-how of what it takes to age with grace. You won’t believe how old he is! And how not only great he looks, but also feels! He understands how to live fit well into your 70’s and beyond… AND love life and have that effervescent sparkle in your eye. We had such an honest conversation about health, aging, sex, desire, truth… you will love this!  Listen Now.

January 11th, Dov Baron, Fiercely Loyal

OK, totally happy tears crying right now as I write the synopsis of this show. Dov is perhaps one of the most humble powerhouses I’ve had on the show. He’s done his work, he DOES his work, he INSPIRES deep truth within us to take action in alignment with our Purpose. And not just the outer purpose the world can understand, the rich fertile purpose deep within our core that scares the shit out of us to admit… and live. Listen Now.

January 18th, Kelly Resendez, Feminine Power

This woman is AH-Mazing!!! First, wow, we have so much in common with our moms, our divorces, our spiritual growth. She had the success and everything you’d think you’d ever want when her world came crashing down. Yet she’s embraced each event to receive the gift and not just ‘get it’ in her mind… but embody it in her heart. Listen Now.

January 25th, Jill Lubin, Our Message

Our message is really everything, yes? Nike wouldn’t be much without Just Do It. What makes you stand out on your online profile? How do you handle questions on a date that you’re not ready to answer? (and do it with grace that keeps the flow going?) How to you professionally tie in what’s trending with your message and get booked on several TV stations and radio?





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