Brave, Bold, & Raw has been SO much fun so far!  WOW!  I can’t believe that it’s already more than half way over! I hope you have had the pleasure of listening, watching & chatting with me and these bold, sexy, and just AMAZING ladies.  Here are some juicy highlights on what we’ve been up to during past week. We got deep, sensual, and even talked about pole dancing!

Here are some highlights from Day 6 through Day 9…

SheilaKelleyDay 6 –  The sizzling Sheila Kelley shared about her journey following her instincts and living her truth, which led her to bliss and discovering her erotic creature.  She said that discovering her erotic creature has deepened her marriage and took their intimacy to a whole new level!  “When you begin to understand your erotic creature, you begin to understand men, and the men you want to be with, and the men you want to fill you up and break you open and to annihilate you into bliss.”  How delicious is that!? Then, we talked about pole dancing! We even got raw and started talking about embracing our maternal and paternal truths and channeling fear into motivation. I just LOVE Sheila Kelley… She has changed my life and so many others with her truth and honesty.  This was such a beautiful interview!

Rhonda-Britten-Bio-PhotoDay 7 –  On Tuesday with the amazing Rhonda Britten… we got brave! Rhonda shared with us how the biggest tragedy of her life, was also the most freeing, and that it fueled  her to transcend her fears.  She told us that she learned how to stop fear from holding her back and instead used as motivation to take action and find her true self.  “I had to choose life.” I shared how for years I hid from the truth and that I was living in fear, but now realize that facing the monster is breaking the legacy of the past, of abuse, betrayal and self-betrayal. And, that no matter how scared you are, you must save yourself. Rhonda reminds us all that,”Everything that no longer serves you will leave, and everything that serves you will stay.” This was a truly moving interview.

Jaiya01Day 8 – Miss Jaiya! I don’t think it gets much sexier than the incredible Jaiya.  She embodies sexuality! Jaiya says she was born erotically gifted!  She shared with us how she first discovered that sexuality and exploration shouldn’t be hidden or shameful, because it’s a birthright and should be enjoyed.  She told us that she learned to “peel away layers of sexual shame” and that there are always more layers of pleasure waiting. Then, she revealed details about her 40 days of Domination and 40 days of Submission, how it all started, and things she didn’t even share in her book!  She explained how you can create erotic moments ‘solo’ or with a partner, and how you can take it to the next level by asking “what else is erotically possible?”  Jaiya talks about the rawness of being vulnerable, how it’s an aphrodisiac, and can be totally HOT!  We both talked about the connection of sex and money…”Money is my lover.” This is one of Jaiya’s most vulnerable shares, you have to check out the replay if you missed it!

sharon_red_revised_2Day 9 – Sharon Wilson is so inspiring.  This is our first time interviewing together, it was exciting! She talked about all of the possibilities that are all around you and how you can feel greater peace no matter what is happening around you. Sharon shared the one thing you can do right now to create lasting Inner Peace in your life… even in the face of outer chaos! This totally resonated with me, with everything that’s been going on in my life lately.  Sharon explained what 98% of people do to sabotage their goals and how you can easily avoid these pitfalls and how energy planning and management can help you let go of not feeling good enough, no matter how painful your past may have been.  Sharon and I also talked about finding harmonious resolutions to overwhelming problems and how to become empowered and achieve our goals. I got major shivers during this interview!

I’m already excited for tonight’s interview! Don’t miss it, sign up now and get a reminder each night as we are Brave Bold and Raw!

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