I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing so many amazing people this week on Brave, Bold & Raw, I’m still getting goosebumps!  I interviewed with one of my biggest inspirations, a gorgeous 4 x Grammy award winning artist, and so many other just AWESOME people!  Here are some juicy highlights on what we’ve been up to during the past week. We got raw, emotional, and a little naughty!

Here are some highlights from Day 10 through Day 14…

katieDay 10 –  Katie Hendricks is my dancing diva inspiration!  It was a huge honor to interview with her!  She has the ability to see a person’s true essence and invite it forth, she’s just a genius.  Katie shared why people think the practice of integrity is so central to successful lives and relationships, and how appreciation, authenticity and response-ability weave into your work.  She explained “presencing” and how we can develop the practice of presencing in our daily lives.  We talked about sensuality how most people have a version of the “too much” issue and are afraid to embrace it and “stand in their fullness.”  She tells us that part of our birthright is to enjoy sensations and sensual feelings, and to move through life  “making love with the world.”  I Love it! Then Katie shared with us her new program called self esteem meditation, which is learning to love yourself, harmonizing both sides of your brain, and  really helps you to be present. I can’t wait to try it!

Indi-Arie-picDay 11 –  On Tuesday with fabulous 4x Grammy award-winning India.Arie… India.Arie tells us that she has never been better and is living a new stress-free life after going through some hard times, but she’s BACK!  She shared that she began releasing pent up “toxicity” from carrying negativity and fear of other’s and once she began to heal, she realized how much she “never knew she didn’t need to fear”. Having that spiritual awakening has helped her to start anew and  live the life her soul intended for her to live. She has such a beautiful soul! Then we discussed loving ourselves, stretch marks and all…  and  how self love, adoring our body, being at peace in our sexuality and checking inside yourself before making decisions or taking action… is the key to being Brave, Bold & Raw!

noraDay 12 – Nora Blake and I talked about finding Mr. Right Now! She has this luscious, velvety voice, you’ve got to hear it! Anyway, Nora and I get real and she explains how a man and a woman can enjoy each other and love one another without building a future together, and that not everyone NEEDS to find  a forever partner! Yes! Then, we discuss that as long as all parties are open and honest about what they are looking for, sex and dating does not have to be about finding the “one.” Nora explains that we’re all human and we need to monitor our feelings, and it’s better to not have just one focus for all of our sexual energy. I have friends, I have a social life, I have my physical needs met, why do I need a partner? I can’t wait to listen to Nora on her new ‘Digital Romance’ show!

kimDay 13 – Fellow Canadian, Kim Sarrasin, AKA ‘The Queen of Hearts’ is so frikkin’ HOT! She shared with us that she wasn’t always a queen, and went through some very dark times with dysfunctional relationships. Then she found herself in California seeking experts, guru’s, and seminars to try to figure out the “secret” of these happy couples.  It was then that she realized she had a gift for finding steps to get what you want FAST! Then, Kim tells us why falling in love with you BEFORE him dramatically increases your ability to attract and maintain a fulfilling relationship. She gave us 5 ways to  INSTANTLY boost confidence and own any room we walk into, and she gave us the #1 habit that we  MUST practice daily to  have men falling all over themselves to produce our hearts desires. Yummy!  You have to listen to the replay to find out what it is!

morganaDay 14 –  I get raw right from the beginning with Morgana Rae… “The money, wealth, relationship, guru, queen.” She opens up about how she finally found love after losing hope and hiding out in romance novels for YEARS! Then, she explains how she is able to be grateful for all of the ‘wrong’ men and how valuable and necessary the darkest experiences were to realizing her deepest dreams. By dating a sociopath, she saw herself mirrored in him and realized that she had adopted his habits… “We actually become ore like the people we are with.” We got into how money is the part of existence that is most lacking in life, and that people do the most unloving things for this “idea” called money.  Morgana is so amazing and I can already feel her energy rubbing off on me!

Stay tuned because we have some ridiculously handsome men, AND, even more delicious ladies coming up! Don’t miss it, sign up now and get a reminder each night as we are Brave Bold and Raw!

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