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Intimate Conversations with Claudia Cox

You can learn more about Claudia in her bio below.

Claudia is passionate about helping people improve their relationships (and lives) through better communication. As the author of French Seduction Made Easy and a regular guest blogger on well-known websites worldwide. With almost 20 years of expat experience, Claudia teaches the universal communication principles she has learned from talking, texting, and interacting with people from different cultures and walks of life. Modern communication is here to stay. Let her provide you with the tools to start using it to your advantage.

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Intimate Conversations with Jacqui Lalita

You can learn more about Jacqui in her bio below.

Jacqui Lalita is a mythical storyteller, dancer, writer and teacher who has made it her life’s work to help people reconnect to the beauty of their souls and their embodied sensuality.  Her healing dance and wellness retreats and workshops illuminate the path of the divine feminine and the wisdom of the living Earth.

Her writing has been featured in The Huffington Post and Elephant Journal and she is the author of two books of poetry, Romancing the Divine and Rebirth of Venus, as well as the star of the Element Belly Dance DVD

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Intimate Conversations Highlights with Jacqui Lalita

This month on Intimate Conversations LIVE, I talk with Jacqui Lalita. Jacqui is an exquisite and beautiful woman she is a belly dancer, she is the embodiment of a goddess. There is another level of movement watching her talk and just so exciting to know there is more. We dive into challenges and what it takes to look inside. Join us this month as Intimate Conversations is on VIDEO! Intimate Conversation Live, September 21st at 4pm PT     Read More →

Intimate Conversations Highlights with Elisabeth Scheffer

This month on Intimate Conversations LIVE, I talk with Elisabeth Scheffer. Elisabeth is living her dream, in love and following her truth. She will tell us what it took to move to Europe (as an American) and follow love. It is important to hear stories similar to you and I…and hear that it is possible, because they are living it. It warms the heart and lifts us to the possibility vibration. When something ouchy happens, do you close your heart…or are you willing to stay open…listen to this month’s Intimate Conversation Live, August 24th at 4pm PT     Read More →

Intimate Conversations Highlights with Lisa Schrader

If you are ready to awaken the feminine yummy-ness  that can fuel our actions, instead of that will power of pushing, you will want to listen to this month’s Intimate Conversations Live.   To learn more about what Lisa has to teach about relationships can be found here: Read More →

Intimate Conversations Highlights with Bryan Reeves

Wow, wasn’t that just amazing? It was such a pleasure to have Bryan Reeves talk on Intimate Conversations Live, what a fantastic way to finish this years interviews off. If you missed the live interview don’t worry! You can still learn the secrets of why relationships really suck! You can learn more about Bryan in his bio below:

Today, Bryan lives in Los Angeles. He has a Masters Degree in Human Relations / Organizational Dynamics (University of Oklahoma). He is also a regular blog contributor to The Good Men Project, Elephant Journal, Raw Attraction Magazine, and Sexy Conscious Awake.

Bryan is a Transformational Life and Relationship Coach. Supporting couples and individuals in creating the delicious relationships, the exquisite lives, they’re aching for.


             “To  Serve  the World one Awakened Man, one Illuminated Woman, one Thriving Relationship at a Time.” Bryan Reeves.