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Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do with Thom Singer

I sat down with the extraordinarily amazing Thom Singer for his podcast this month.

Completely exposed, truly authentic, and ready for anything, I shared my path to a spiritual practice and how it has helped me build a life as an entrepreneur.

He loved my line about how I  “network’s with God”. If you missed this fantastic interview, you can listen to it below.

If what I say in this interview rings truth, speaks to you, calls to you – I invite you reach out and connect with me or email my manager at

How to Live Deeply Fulfilling and Financially Free Lives








What an honor!  I was recently interviewed by the amazingly inspirational Cyndie, who founded Feminine Mastery. We shared personal formulas that we use to live deeply fulfilling & financially free lives, the emotions existing behind the embodiment of the sexual and financial freedom and how to love yourself enough to be able to be one with the Universe.

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Feminine Mastery Series

I have the honor of being approached by SO many incredible coaches to do webinars, teleseminars, radio interviews, and tv interviews.  While I choose to believe I am making a contribution to the universe with my knowledge, I am always taken back by how much I grow through each experience.  The Feminine Mastery series was no exception.

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Empowered Divorce Summit – Revisited

Another year, another opportunity to take part in the deliciousness that is the Empowered Divorce Summit!  Heather was kind enough to invite me back, yet again, to be an expert for her high demand summit.  This time, we took a look at the financial aspect.  How do you live a life free of financial debt and shame?  How do you build confidence towards a brighter financial future?  Such mind boggling questions that I had the pleasure of answering.

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Fall Into Love Series: Sexual Intimacy – How to Deepen your Relationships


Fall Into Love Series:
Sexual Intimacy – How to Deepen your Relationships

My amazing friends Ben and Jennifer are gearing up for their last series of 2015 and yours truly is a part of it. December 13: Sexual Intimacy – How to Deepen Your Relationships is designed for you to easily learn essential practices and techniques from leading experts that you can use to deepen your intimacy and connection in your life and in your bedroom.

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Potent Clearings mp3 for Relationships… That Will Rock Your World


Guests on are badasses. I love to promote Experts each week because it’s a great way to remind me that I’m both a teacher and a student. AND I want to provide you with complementary material to mine, to ensure no stone goes unturned and you get the results you want with relationships.

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