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How to Move on When a Spouse Passes Away

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Question: I recently lost my beautiful wife after 7 years. She was only 34. Not only was she my wife, but was my best friend and mother of my child. I'm only 35 and know I'll have to move on at some point, but truthfully don't even want to think about it. My question; I'm struggling to take my wedding ring off. How should I handle that? Is there a right/wrong time?

Answer: Great man, I am so sorry. I am so very very sorry for your loss. I have no idea how you keep your heart open and move forward and yet you do.

I honor your courage. And I acknowledge where you want to hide, avoid and not feel the pain. All of this is totally normal. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

When you mention your wedding ring... I am reminded of a 2-day Intensive I did with a beautiful female client. We sat under a full moon with champagne. I gave her a hug from behind, so as to have her back, so that she felt the Universe holding her through me, so that she could surrender and know she wasn't alone.

We had crafted a Completion Surrender Letting Go Letter to her late husband. She was ready to take his and her rings off from a chain around her neck. She sobbed as she read the words and I held her tight. The moonlight illuminated the scene with Divine feminine care. We burned the letter. We cheers the champagne glasses to the gifts of the marriage. And the gifts of death. And she took off their wedding rings.

I snuggled her in blankets and pillows and facilitated a beautiful ritual where their Soul Contracts would always be connected in timeless love, however their human life tracks we're now separated and she could go on to heal and fine healthy love again. I believe it was about three to four years into our coaching partnership where she met a great man. A year later he moved in. She's thriving, humbled yet stronger having gone through it all.

I know that really didn't answer your question. Yet I don't believe there is a perfect time to take off your ring. I encourage you to create a ritual when you feel the time is right. Celebrate the journey and let her go. And take off the ring.

And if that just seems too much to go through alone, I believe we are here for each other, that having the support of a professional unconditionally loving non-judgmental coach and healer such as myself, is richly supportive in not only the action of taking off the ring... but the healing of your deepest core wound so that you can be transformed and illuminated an even stronger for all that you've gone through.

I feel this is imperative as a parent. Our being'ness and vibration helps our children heal just by our very existence. And to set yourself up for a healthy relationship in the future when you're ready.

Know my love is with you, my belief in your positive future is strong, and my heart is open to have the privilege and honor of supporting you on this journey should a coaching partnership resonate with you. We can discover if indeed this is a fit when you register for a discounted $97 introductory call with me. Simply go to and we will connect :-)

Eternal loving tender bold blessings, Allana

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