January 18, 2019 |

How to Date a Widower

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In this video, Intimacy expert Allana Pratt talks about how to date a widower.

Q: Allana, I'm dating a widower. His wife passed away 10 months ago after a long illness and I was friends with them both. For awhile, I felt very comfortable with him and I will say he has opened my heart, wide open. I don't know if it is fear or what but recently, it concerns me that he still has wedding pictures and other intimate photos scattered all over the house. He also has her robe hanging in the bathroom and places his on top of hers. His profile picture on Facebook is still a beautiful loving picture of them together. We have been sexually intimated now for two and half months and he says that he loves me. He's never been with a woman so passionate, sensitive, and orgasmic. He's taken me to parties and all of his friends love me and me them.

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