December 22, 2018 |

How to Become More Confident in Life and Love

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Question: Hey Allana - you seem to get those that don't really get themselves. Tell me, why am I so desperate to feel like I matter?

Answer: Love, it's the human condition. We ache to feel seen, heard, noticed, cared for, appreciated... we're set up since a child to think that all our worth comes from doing it right, winning, being perfect, being seen not heard etc. Very rarely are we told we are inherently a precious child of God. Enough. That we matter.

Fast forward into the dating world we ache to feel like we matter to the opposite sex... devastated when we're rejected, willing to sacrifice our integrity just to get a kiss, freaking out watching our phone all day to see if they texted... to feel like we matter.

To the ego, what I'm about to say will make you want to puke, but to your Soul it's the way Home. What if you were the only one that needed to matter to yourself? What if you were enough already? What if you were precious and phenomenal just the way you are?

What if you are starting with a full deck and it's just about experiencing life? Grow this. Expand that. Explore over there. Savor the adventure over here. Experience... yes?

A man or woman who is at peace in their skin is so attractive because they get they already matter, nothing to prove or justify or accomplish to be enough... just able to BE... so it allows YOU to be... and then true intimacy begins.

I'd love to explore this conversation more with you to soften your desperateness and help you rest into your glory inside. I call it coaching. It's like a healing for your heart. And it makes you irresistible. Sexy. Magnetic. Contact my [email protected] and request a strategy session to see if you're a fit for me to invite you to work with me. I might just be the guide to take you home at this stage of your glorious journey in love, as love, to love... be love.

Huge blessings, Allana xoxo

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