December 30, 2018 |

3 Reasons Why We Bother to Date

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Question: Have you ever had one of those moments in your life when you ask yourself, Why do I bother to keep dating? People keep telling me to hold my chin up, weather the storm, but I just don't believe it anymore. How can I find a reason to keep going each day?


1. First of all my love, I totally hear you. Don't you just want to punch the people who tell you to hold your chin up? :) Feeling disheartened is just one of the experiences it is to be human. There's nothing wrong with you. And, if you are still breathing, in my opinion you're still meant to be here. Xox

2. Many times when we're feeling down it isn't so much our energy as other people's judgments slammed onto us, so say in your head, All that this is… Return to sender with a blessing. Do that a few times and see if you feel a little better.

3. The part of you that feels hopeless is the part of you that's being invited to love. Can you love that part of you too? Can you be an allowance that this is how you feel today? When we are in resistance to a part of us, it gets stuck and grows. The more you let it be OK that this is a part of you too, you'll start to feel that no matter what the universe has your back. No matter what the circumstance, you are a good person. This is the way of giving yourself a break, without giving up. It's also an opportunity to take your attention away from out there, to inside you, and fall madly in love with you no matter what it looks like.

If you're a gentleman a great way to be at peace with who you are all the way to the core, is to download my complementary report and video series .

And if you're a woman, a great way to feel overflowing from the inside out is to read my book or join my complementary radio show each week called Get on the show five minutes before, so you can be welcomed as part of the community!

I'm so grateful you reached out with this question… Most people just hide and suffer. I too have felt exactly like you do… And the more I was kind patient and excepting of this part of me, the quicker things shifted.

Keep in touch, as I'd love to know how you are. If it turns out to be something you just can't shake on your own, that's what I'm here for as your coach, it would be a privilege to help set you free.

All my love, Allana

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