Week 18

Wonderful friend, just a reminder that this portion of the program was originally a LIVE Webinar where participants were instructed to email in their questions/insights/answers. Now that it’s a home study program, please choose a journal to write down all your insights, growth and learnings as you self process along this amazing journey. 

1. Transformational Process: Navigating Intense Emotions

Time for the transformational process dear one. You will be guided through 3 intense emotion scenarios. With guidance and conscious breath, we cultivate staying present while navigating these emotions.


2. Awaken Core Self-Worth, Cultivate Openness and Unwavering Presence Being You

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s own courage. I start with sharing success stories so that you can feel what is possible for you as well. I call it the popcorn effect. One corn starts to pop, then another one and another one. Success and blossoming is contagious! I then share a practice ritual of allowance. What would be possible if you chose to be in allowance and will you choose that?

Journal your response to the following question: what situation or person will you commit to be in allowance of this week? Make room for the miracle that is waiting to happen.



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