In the past, I have been the type of person who would not ask for help, or even accept it if it was offered. I was Miss Independent and had to do everything myself. After my divorce and several years of dating, I began to realize I was stuck. I was a self-help guru constantly trying to fix myself, but I was not making progress and I knew it. I just didn’t know what to do about it. I came across Allana on the Internet and began getting her newsletters. She was speaking the truth and her guidance hit home with me. I thought this may just be what I need to get unstuck so I took the plunge. Allana and I covered a lot of ground- childhood issues, relationships, leadership, career explorations, letting go, expressing my feelings and desires, reframing my outlook and so much more. I had revelations about the patterns that were holding me back. When you talk with Allana, she helps you reflect back on yourself in the most positive, loving, and supportive way. Listening to our conversations is so valuable. For one, you hear yourself like it was for the first time. That’s how I sound? (I sounded uptight!) That’s how I think? (I thought I was a positive person, but I could hear how I approached issues from a place of lack). Secondly, each coaching session is so therapeutic with visualizations, questions to ponder, and inspiring messages that you keep getting more benefit from listening to them again and again. If anyone is considering coaching, I would wholeheartedly recommend Allana. She was the right choice for me because she understands the universal laws and helped me delve deeper to find and believe in my best self.

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