In the dark months before I worked with Allana Pratt, I had spent $3k+ on my therapist; was pressing my female friends to finally tell me what was wrong with me. I was 41 years old and had been generally unsuccessful with women since I was 13. Within minutes into my 30 minute consult with Allana, she figured things out my therapist of 4 years hadn’t – it was like I finally had met a specialist who could identify and possibly heal my mysterious and debilitating pains after years of inept generalists. I bit the bullet and signed up for her program and let me tell you – IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY. Allana got inside, connected the dots, blew out the old patterns, eventually rewiring my entire sense of self that had gotten buried under self-doubt, years of rejections and family / childhood bullshit. Allana MAKES THE SPINNING STOP. There’s a version of YOU you haven’t caught up with yet – and Allana is the guide to get you there. Ever see LIMITLESS with Bradley Cooper? Allana Pratt is real-life version of the pill he takes.

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