I Can’t Stand My Girlfriend’s Friends!

Question: My girl’s friends truly annoy me. Her best friend is the worst. I can’t stand being around them What’s a guy to do?

Answer: Why? Why are you even hanging out with them? You have precious time on this planet. Why are you not hanging out with people that nurse you, challenge you, uplift you, like you, cherish you? Why are you choosing, because you have a choice, by the way, no one is holding a gun to your head to hang out with your girlfriend’s friends, so why are you doing it?

I find it very strange that you like her, but her friends, who have to be of a similar vibration to her, annoy you so much. That doesn’t make sense to me, unless, I don’t know. Is she just super hot or something and you just haven’t gotten a chance to know her in that amount of time that she would annoy you too? Usually birds of a feather flock together, which gives me a red flag that shes going to annoy you really soon, but even deeper than that, why would you allow that, why would you attract that, why would that be something that you’re attracted to complaining about? Life is so rich and we get to do with it what we please.

I would like you to start asking questions like, “What would it take to start hanging out with people I really like, that inspire me? What would it take to have a community that uplifted me?” And maybe, I don’t know where your relationship with this woman is, but talk to her about why, in a non-confronting or judgmental way, but what is it about the annoyingness that annoys you? Do they challenge you? Are they just poke, poke, poking you to see if you’re really worthy of their girlfriend? Is that just what’s going on?

Or maybe you just want to have a real heart to heart with her like, “Hey, these people don’t seem up to your level and I don’t want to speak down about them, but to me you’re a Goddess, you’re inspirational and around them you’re not your best shining self and I just wanted to have a really vulnerable talk about this.”

But there are so many directions we could go with this, but the first one is to look right in the mirror at you. Why am I choosing this, what do I love about this, why do I love complaining about this? As opposed to, “What would it take for me to have not only a girlfriend but a community that rocked my world, and is there anything in the way that I’m willing to let go of? If there’s work I’m needing to do, I’m willing to do it. I only have one life here and I’m going to live it, I’m going to rock it like a Noble Badass.”

That would be my challenge to you, okay? I have lots of products; Scoring a Relationship, Getting her to Say Yes, the DVD Dear Lover, and I’ve also got a group for men coming up called How to be a Noble Badass, the Complete Training only for people 10 out of 10 ready to deal with what’s in the way of awakening the King that’s in them so they can have a Queen who happens to have non-annoying friends. You’re in charge, so take up the reins of your life.

Thank you, love,


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