Scoring a Relationship

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What if I could tell you How to Score In Every Way Imaginable With the Woman of Your Dreams?

Every guy’s had THAT date. The one where the woman was sexy and smart and just what you wanted, and you had the perfect idea to make the date unforgettable so she’d know she shouldn’t let you get away. Then you hesitated, the moment went by, and you never got it back. You went home alone kicking yourself. She might call but you don’t think she will. And you wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t. You’d probably just screw it up again anyway. Why do you always choke at the critical moment?

The following day you overhear some good-looking blonde at the next table chatting a little too loudly to her girlfriend about her amazing boyfriend and what she did to blow his mind last night. Her guy walks in to meet them and he’s average-looking, maybe even this side of plain. How come he’s got the girl and you don’t?

You have dinner that night with your best friend and his smoking-hot wife and their two kids, and she gushes about a scavenger hunt he’d planned for her that took her and the kids all over the city. He shrugs his shoulders modestly, like it’s no big deal. Later, when the wife’s putting the kids to bed, you ask him how he finds time to do stuff like that. How he comes up with the idea in the first place.

That’s how you keep her interested, he says. And when the wife comes back, she looks at him like he’s a hero among men. You just know that their sex life is still blazing even after ten years, because she’s rustling you out the door and shooting him smoldering glances. The door closes behind you. You go home alone. Again.

What does it take to get that? You don’t want to ask the guys, but what else can you do? Ask the women you’re dating how to make them want you? Please. It’s not happening.

What you need is a woman like me who is honest, who loves men, who will tell it to your straight, to tell you what the hell you’re doing that’s not working – and how to do it right. I know that not every guy is born knowing the right thing to say or what to do at exactly the right time – but that doesn’t mean you’re not one of the most amazing men out there.

If you’re willing to learn, I’m willing to teach. Pretty soon, every woman around you will know what she is already certain of – that any woman would be lucky to have you. When you turn into the man of her dreams, she won’t be able to keep her hands off of you. No woman alive can resist being lavished with the attention she craves… and she’ll show her appreciation in all the ways you dream about.

Scoring a Relationship is about absolute confidence in your self. You’ll understand why certain approaches work and why common tricks don’t work, so you feel absolutely confident that you’re avoiding the bad stuff and nailing the good. When you approach a woman with confidence, show off your most authentic qualities, and give her everything she desires in a man, she won’t be able to resist you. You’ll be that unforgettable experience. The one she can’t stop talking about. The one she can’t wait to see again. The one who might be THE one. Because no other man has ever made her feel like this.

What’s Included? Not only do you receive an informative eBook outlining the steps you need to take in order to Score the girl, but you get a BONUS eBook with tips on how to Score IN a Relationship once you’ve got the girl ensuring you can keep the girl. Even more, the package includes audios of each of these eBooks ready by me, in the sultry, intimate way you know well from my videos.

I’ve also added interviews with men who know these techniques and have put them into action, so you can get a successful man’s perspective on why this works. The entire package includes the eBook, the Audiobook, Audio Interview with Don West Jr., Financial Advisor, Audio Interview with E. Patrick Miller, Clinical Sports Psychologist for Phil Jackson & the LA Kings and Audio Interview with Errick Lynne “Ricky” Williams, Jr., former Running Back for the Baltimore Ravens.

Bottom line is that I know what women want, and I’ll tell you exactly why it gets women hot and bothered when you follow these rules.

Every honest insight in this book will get her to say yes. And if you use them all at once, you’ll hear it multiple times.

Claim your place in a woman’s heart… and give her a man she’ll never forget, and never want to lose.

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