Embracing the Sacred Erotic You, Guided Meditation by Allana Pratt


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Deepen Confidence, Ooze Sex Appeal & Enrich your Relationships

Guided Mediation Series for Women recorded in the Jungles of Costa Rica

50 Minute Audio: 3 Tracks

There is a certain level of letting go, reconnecting to our femininity, and awakening our erotic juices that is possible in a cement city.

However, when immersed in the moist lush jungles of Costa Rica, what’s possible is more than just connecting to the vibration of Mother Earth; it’s becoming one with her, unaware of where you end and She begins, aligning deeply with your radiance, confidence, and lusciousness, that magnetizes attention, affection, honor, and celebration of who you are with effortless ease, almost magic. This 3 part meditation is sensual, sacred, erotic, potent, and will return you to the real YOU within minutes, in a lasting expanding way.

3 Meditations (3 Tracks):

Potent YOU: Self Confidence. Attempting to control life, determined to figure things out, trying to guarantee outcomes, disconnects us from our potent intuition and our inviting magnetism. Feminine confidence is found in the letting go and returning to what’s true for you, deep awareness found inside a quiet mind.

Luscious YOU: Sex Appeal. Being at war with your body through verbal abuse, overwork, stress, or female competition extinguishes a woman’s erotic sacred connection to her sex appeal. Coming home to the exquisite beauty, consciousness, and potency of your glorious body will awaken your erotic magnetism looking in the mirror, on dates, and making love.

Inviting YOU: Sacred Erotic Dating. We know what it’s like to spin in our heads doubting if we’re pretty, sexy, or desirable as we prepare for a night out with friends, a date, or your beloved of 20 yrs. To be truly inviting and irresistible, it’s time to grant yourself permission to fully embrace the sacred erotic pleasures of being a woman who enjoys her delicious body.

When we connect to the jungle, it’s lusciousness, by softening our edges, drinking nature into our body, a moist wet lush erotic raw orgasmic creative energy pours through us… awakening a yet touched space of confidence and sensual magnetism…

On vacation, Allana captured the energy and transformation possible for you… and recorded a three-part guided meditation series to return you to your natural potent luscious inviting state as a confident sexy woman….in only the way the jungles of this planet can do.

See, for Allana, she used to go from masculine ‘do do do’ to her feminine ‘receive receive receive’ mode; yet, more recently and especially since being in Costa Rica, she is convinced it’s not about either/or, it’s about uniting both energies within you – oneness within you, shiva meeting shakti, ying dancing with yang, swirling exquisitely within you.

Thus the results of this completely new guided mediation series is to deliver you into your calm regal confidence, then embody your lusciousness by embracing the delicious body you have (for maximum pleasure alone or with a partner) then prepare your for a night out with friends, a night of getting to know a new partner you’re dating or a ravishing evening with your beloved of 20 years.

The series, recorded with the jungle sounds of Costa Rica, is hot, sacred, erotic, sensual, potent, and will return you to the real YOU within minutes. Watch how you adore being a woman, adore all the attention and blessings you receive, how YOU become a gift that turns heads wherever you go. You become a walking invitation for the most succulent blissful ecstatic world of pleasure you could ever imagine…
Watch what happens with ease as you listen to these recordings over time… you become more and more confident, inviting, luscious and capable of receiving more joy, pleasure, attention, honoring and celebration of exactly who you are.

Yes, life CAN get better and better if you open to it, choose it, listen to these meditations and receive all that’s waiting for you to savor.
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