March 7, 2024 |

S12 | Candid Confessions: Falling in Love with ‘Little You’

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I loved filming this episode upon returning from Costa Rica where I did a very powerful Little You Process with the attendees. I'm grateful to answer questions that my social media team has gathered from you to navigate intimacy challenged by unresolved childhood trauma. In terms of deepening intimacy and attracting healthy partnership that thrives overtime, absolutely every single client I've ever worked with for the past 20 yrs. required healing emotional triggers, integrating past trauma's and deepening their relationship with their vulnerable, transparent Little You. The results are epic! They 'become the one' to 'find the one'! Yet the journey requires bravery, humility and commitment. In this solo episode I answered your questions such as... -In what ways can unmet childhood need and expectations influence individuals' intimate relationships and their connection with Little You? -How can partners support each other in navigating the challenges that arise from unresolved childhood trauma coma impacting their intimacy in the way they relate to themselves? -What therapeutic approaches are effective or ineffective in addressing and healing childhood wounds that impact an individual's perception of their Little You in intimate relationships? -How can individuals identify, and challenge unrealistic expectations rooted in their childhood experiences, that may be negatively influencing their adult intimate relationships? If this conversation touches you, is the answer to a prayer or your intention to heal your marriage or end a cycle of attracting abusive partnerships, I invite you to connect with me so we can get to the root of the matter and heal it once and for all.

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