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S12 | Candid Confessions: Conflict as the Doorway to Connection

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I loved answering your questions so we can find the Gift in the Sh*tshow!

First I shared about finding harmony in conflict: In relationships, conflict and stark polarities can often seem overwhelming. You asked, how can couples find the 'gifts' hidden within these tense moments? Can you share examples of how embracing conflict can lead to deeper understanding and intimacy?

I spoke of clients caught in a cycle of him being frustrated and she shutting down… AND how to pattern interrupt and see the ‘enemy' not as each other, but the cycle they were caught in. Conflict is showing us where we can’t be in allowance, where we’re still defending a position, where we need to be right, in control etc. vs curious, accepting, how can my life be even better with this perspective, point of view


Then I shared about balancing emotional extremes: Relationships often expose us to the extremes of our emotions. You asked, what advice do you have for couples to help them navigate these highs and lows without losing their connection or sense of self? How can they use these emotional swings to strengthen their bond rather than weaken it?

When our partner is in an emotional high or low, let them know you love then and are going to pattern interrupt by giving them space vs trying to fix or change them. I spoke of two clients who took full ownership for what was occurring within them and did the inner work to integrate it in private calls, group calls and immersive psychedelic integrative VIPs.


Lastly I shared about how to transform a relationship crises: Many couples face crises that seem like they could end the relationship, yet these moments sometimes lead to profound growth and renewed commitment. You asked, what practices can partners adopt to remain open to transformation and discovery, especially when they feel most divided?

I invited you to join our annual retreat and sign up for coaching program because the work works! I shared a powerful practice to seeing each other as your greatest spiritual teacher, not your enemy. I went through some Dyad questions that changed a couple’s life trajectory as we sat in a Diner together! Also my Journal Intimate Reflections found on my website and Amazon is chalked full of daily Dyad questions for yourself and to be used with a partner.

Bottom line, when there’s conflict, a challenges… nothing’s wrong. At all. A crisis is a birth. Our job is to see the advantage of being triggered to integrate unconscious wounds so we can be free to become the best version of ourselves, while simultaneously being compassionate with our humanity…and our partner. The journey is the destination, and there are gifts in sh*tshow of life every single day… if we look.

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