June 7, 2023 |

S11 | Candid Confessions The 5 F%king F’s

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In this solo episode I dissected How anxiety, fear, activated emotions and unresolved past traumas can get in the way of delicious intimacy, deep connection and soul shaking love. I transparently share my own journey of relationships from my 1st boyfriend, husband's and recent relationship. I do my best to make a safe place for those smart successful people in this world who still haven't found healthy intimacy and keep attracting dysfunctional partners... There is more than hope, there are proven solutions. There is a path to cultivating healthy nourishing intimate relationships where both people are literally better together. And the feeling of fulfillment, gratitude and Victory given how hard you work to get here feels like nothing short of bliss, grace… sacred rapture, oneness. Because you no longer hope that the universe has your back, you no longer think it, you actually know in your soul.

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