December 23, 2018 |

When to Walk Away From a Dead-end Relationship

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Question: I am running out of patience but I know I put myself in this situation. 3 years! 3 years and he still hasn’t left his wife like he promised. How much longer should I let him dangle the carrot of a future before just walking away?

Answer: Whoa... deep breath my friend. Of course you'd be running out of patience. You're being used my friend. Why on earth leave her when he can have you both? There's no benefit to rocking the boat when he can have his cake and eat it to.

I'm sorry if that's a little straight right out of the gate, yet you chose to be with someone not only emotionally unavailable but literally married. Love, why did you do it? Why have you chosen to be with him over and over and over again for three years?

With all due respect, as I have had some REALLY insecure times as have my clients, is it because you don't think you'd find any better, because you couldn't stand being alone, because you believed if HE left her and chose you THEN you'd really be enough?

Love... can I be straight? My coaching is that it's time to own your worth and you're not. It's time to set him free and see what he does... not like a test, as a choice to honor you because YOU are choosing YOU. Granted this will hurt or be scary which is why having a partner to have your back and guide you home to your deepest self honor is required. If you are ready to boldly love honor and respect yourself, heal, and be the Queen who will attract a King to honor her... apply for a complementary strategy session with me at

If you are a 10 out of 10 ready to change this, end the suffering, end feeling used, and begin creating a life of joy, connection and deep respect, I will invite you to work with me. Anything is possible, and the most humble and courageous choice would be to walk hand and hand together through the fire of a coaching journey to your freedom.

Great love, Allana


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