My wife passed away, when is it time to date again?


My wife passed away last year after a long battle with cancer.  She was the love of my life and I still miss her a lot.  I feel like I am ready to begin dating again – not anything serious, but companionship would be nice. The problem is that I have two adult children that are still very much grieving the loss of their Mother and I don’t want my choice to date to hurt them in any way.  What is an appropriate time to begin dating again after the loss of a spouse, and how I should approach this topic with my kids?


As much as you love your kids and I honor you for not wanting to hurt them, you can’t control them nor can you stop living for you to live for them. They will get through this, just like you will get through this, and the sooner you honor your needs for companionship while being kind and honest with your kids, the sooner all of you will thrive again, stronger than ever, more grateful for ever.

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