Puerto Vallarta and Feeling Grateful on my 42nd Birthday

As I sit on my balcony in Puerto Vallarta, sipping hot coffee, smelling the exotic flower tucked behind my ear, looking at the glorious ocean, palm trees… I am grateful beyond words to spend my 42nd birthday in paradise. I am practicing what has worked for me and countless clients and my global community… taking time to Get Intimate with ourselves is such a foundational key to ease, joy, success and deliciousness in life.

This slowing down to ponder, listen, connect with our deepest  self and take cues from the Universe results in a feeling that we’re not alone. It proves all the answers are inside. I nourishes faith that we are guided. And for me, it’s this orgasmic way of merging into union with the breeze, the sun, LIFE itself… that I only reach if I slow down and get intimate with the moment.

This is the core inspiration of my Intimate Conversations Series. My guests are brilliant, gifted, wise and often hysterical… and yet in my opinion, are often interviewed on a more surface, top 10 tips level in other interviews. I don’t’ really care about that. I can read their book. What I care about is what makes their soul ache, how they sit in the fire and stay open, what really turns them on, what scares the shit out of them… and how they get up for another day and open to the most glorious experience life can give.

Thus magic occurs in my interviews.

People tell me things they haven’t told others.

People tell me things they haven’t told themselves.

The space I hold of total unconditional love, respect, honor and curiosity literally pulls forth insights that neither of us have ever considered. It’s like I create this magnetic vortex for truth, deliciousness, humility and grandeur from my deep fascination with being alive and guests feel safe to journey through uncharted territory with me.

Between you and me, I am the sexy spiritual Barbara Walters…. I choose to be known and sought after for these life altering conversations. And it brings me pure delight to share these conversations with YOU! AND meet you on the line before we begin… and incorporate your questions into the interview… weaving this tapestry where YOUR participation literally energetically contributes to the interview.

And while I honor this gift of mine to interview/coach/ be a masterful communicator as priceless… with humility that I GET to give this gift… I want to GIVE this gift to all of humanity willing to slow down, open up, be nourished and listen. Thus I offer them to you, and the download, completely free forever. Simply be a part of my world, join the community as it grows in consciousness, heart and deliciousness!

Get intimate with me.

It’s only PURE YOU that matters… PURE YOU is magnificence itself.

Join the conversation…


Huge delicious love,


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