Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Kimberly Seltzer

Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Kimberly Seltzer

I am SO excited! I have a date tonight and the timing couldn’t be better because my guest on Intimate Conversations this week, Kimberly Seltzer, just happens to be an amazing dating and makeover expert!

She reminded me of things that I had long forgotten since, I was last in the world of dating. Like the fact, that we decide how we feel about someone within the first 30 seconds based on attitude and what they’re wearing. We talked a lot about what to wear, from the underwear up to the clothes, color and then, from the inside out. We also talked about foreplay. 😉

I totally took all of her advice. I called the restaurant we are going to and found out that it’s a fancy place. So now, I have re-planned my outfit for the evening and I am getting all dressed up. I’m going to take a picture and send it to Kimberly to see if she approves. Then, maybe I’ll share it with you too. I can’t wait to give an update on how the date goes!

To learn more about Kimberly and check out herBody Shape Guide & The Archetype Guide just click HERE. Then, be sure to check out her bio below! Don’t worry, if you missed this interview you can catch the replay atIntimate Conversations Live!

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Kimberly Seltzer LCSW is an Image Expert, Therapist and Dating Coach based in Los Angeles. Kimberly is the owner of Elite Image Makeovers providing an inside out approach to helping her clients look and feel their best through her skills as a seasoned therapist and an image consultant. Using the unique combined use of life coaching, NLP and styling, Kimberly specializes in updating and discovering a personalized image through wardrobe consultation, assistance in purchasing clothes that fit each body type and lifestyle and goal-setting. She has developed her own personalized wing gal approach with clients doing in-field work with men and women working on body language, first impressions, image and messaging and how it impacts attraction. Kimberly’s process is light-hearted, fun and empathic aimed at improving dating experiences and relationships.
Kimberly has been trained by one of the top Image Consultants in Los Angeles, Ashley Rothschild at The Rothschild Image. She is also trained as a Style Coach through the Style Coaching Institute in the UK which teaches the unique use of life coaching, NLP and styling. Her background in speech communication and theatre has been instrumental in assisting others with body language and social communication.
Kimberly enjoys speaking and giving seminars such as being the keynote speaker for the clothing line KikaPaprika, for National Matchmaking Conferences, marketing seminars such as Success Magnet and iDate, an international dating conference. She continues to enjoy opportunities on the radio and media. Media spots have included an appearance with Andy Richter and Paul Tompkins in eBay’s Winner’s Guide to Winning, a guest on Huffington Post Live with Tim Matheson, a main expert on the new cable reality show The Romance and co-hosting a new radio shows with Sideshow Network, Full Disclosure with Art of Charm’s Jordan Harbinger and Date Therapy with Dr. Lydia Belton. She is a regular contributor to Huffington Post, Your Tango, Lavalife and Dating Advice. You can also find her articles and videos in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Fox News Magazine, Yahoo!Shine and The Examiner.

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