Week 42 – Emotions & Sex

1. Transformational Process: Emotions & Sex

In month 9, I asked you to journal about where shame is around sexuality for you (to reveal what’s going on deep inside your body and heart, to journal with any part of your body that doesn’t feel Sacred… your penis, vagina, breasts, body hair or your sexual desires).

This month, we learn how to process these emotions and express them in healthy ways alone and with our partner during love making.

Emotions aren’t good or bad, they are energy that desires motion.

Your practice today:

If you are single, give your self permission to self pleasure and welcome any ‘not sexy’ emotions to be JUST as welcome to be felt. You could hit a pillow if you are angry, snuggle yourself in a blanket if you’re sad, whip out a sex toy if you are enlivened with desire.

If you are with a partner, before love making make an agreement that all emotions are beautiful and welcome, that you will provide presence without fixing or coaching if one of you experiences anger, sadness or wildness etc. Give yourself permission to be authentic and allow whatever naturally desire to arise, to show up as yet another glorious facet of YOU, naked, exposed, vulnerable and magnificent.

Watch how it provides healing, strengthens connection and deepens safety with your partner AND with yourself.

ALL OF YOU is Sacred.

Many time those identifying with more masculine energy often feel shame to feel or express emotions. They experience a lack of confidence in not knowing how to approach women with their feelings. When it comes to emotions and sex, many have experienced a lack of sex education or communication training to create a safe space to speak truth.

Many time those identifying with more feminine energy often feel their emotions are going to take them over or hurt another, they often feel body shame, or shame for having naughty wild desires, many have been slut shamed for even enjoying sex or have felt obligated to have sex when they weren’t ready or didn’t want to. Many more feminine creatures are stuck in masculine energy unable to surrender, speak truth and ask for what they want in or out of the bedroom.


2. Conscious Connection: Zoom Live on Friday at 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST

Every Friday there is a Live Zoom for Conscious Communication Practices. Deeper roots create higher shoots. Connecting from an open heart, not a desperate mind…works. Connecting is the relationship. Communication is the relationship. Conversations Are the Relationship.

An email reminder will be sent to you on Friday with the Zoom link, keep an eye on your inbox and join Allana and your fellow HeartMates!


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