What Women Say

What Women Say

“Alana’s coaching style is equal parts love, compassion, creativity, passion, and fun! Not only is she an inspiration as a person, but she knows exactly the right thing to say or do to inspire you, to let the extraordinary person lurking inside of you come out in all of your splendor.” —Laura

“Allana, When I first approached you, I was ‘stuck’ in my head about my life’s work. How it needed to be in order for me to create the life I wish for. Through much of the internal work I’ve done over the years, I also knew that my relationships provide me with an exquisite reflection of aspects of myself. What I was battling to do was to make the connection between my relationships with men and my work. I was battling to do what I do with my own clients. Through some delicious work, (in a way that only you know how Allana) I began to do this. When we started to work together, I remember it so clearly. One-on-one (private session) in Fish Creek Park back-to-back moving physically processing my stuff. I remember later on how I was resisting the very support I’d been yearning for from an amazingly solid and grounded man (with kisses to die for… grin), that was there…right beneath my nose. I began to acknowledge that until my internal masculine and feminine were dancing in tune and in unison, my work would always feel unfulfilled and incomplete… and simply stuck. I have learned to use my relationship with this man (who adores me and would not give up on me when I pushed him away) to teach me about what’s happening at a deeper level within my psyche, to surrender more to what IS, instead of fighting it and to find the ‘joy’ in my moments of discomfort and pain. I was reminded to stay with my daily spiritual practices, add new ones and really appreciate and embrace the sensual goddess that I am. Thank you for all that you are and how deliciously you show up in the world.” —Jennifer K.

“Alana’s cool rain on a parched soul, a purifier of cloudy thoughts.” —Alisha

“Allana! I so f’ing love you god damn it! I swear to god I am in such &%#* awe of how you are so totally there for me, just like you say you are! really? for real? We have never met, and yet you are such a powerful positive wielding and yielding force of love and magic in my life! I am in such f’ing awe! I know the universe has my back, front, sides up and down, and I stay open to how it shows up. I’m just so in awe and appreciation of the Having it All course! In every single conversation that has happened up to the point of this last one!!! God, do you have any idea, huh… okay… breathe… ya know if you were in front of me I’d hold you by the shoulders firmly, look you straight in the eye, and not say a single word with my lips… I would just transmute all of this appreciation and tears would roll down our faces for the orgasmic joy , love, peace, space to breathe in the boundless oasis of the space that surrounds and holds us and take it all in even deeper until that feeling of click. We’d embrace… how delicious would that be!” —Sonia

“Thank you for giving me the gift of honoring my womanhood–and the contribution that has been for me is unexplainable.” —Janet

“Hi Allana, Thank you so very much for inviting me to listen to your call that you made with Dr Dain. I listened to it yesterday evening and like the other Wish call it just blew me away. I giggled and smiled throughout the whole call. This call changed me a lot. As I wrote in the Wish call feedback I have had very low self-esteem when it comes to being with men. It goes far back in time as I come from a family that never talked naturally about sex, sexuality, the body and emotions. I’ve had some really bad relationships where I both heard and felt that I was not good enough, stylish, sexy or beautiful. When I met my wonderful husband 11 years ago I could not trust and take to my heart what he said. I was afraid to feel all that; to feel beautiful, sexy, good enough, I distrusted him often. I’m pretty young, 32 years old, and usually do not feel comfortable having sex. I thank my husband from the bottom of my heart for having endured all these years. I have never met the right people to talk to, I’m from Sweden where it is very open sexually but you do not talk so much about sexuality, sensuality and emotions, you just have a lot of sex. When I heard your call with Dr. Dain, it was like I had a revelation. I felt things I had avoided, I allowed myself to feel, pushing away all prejudices… Yesterday my husband was working in the evening, and when he came home, I embraced him as I never done before. That night I had the best sexual experience with him in a long time. I laughed, I enjoyed 100%, I dared to have sex without clothes on and I looked him in the eye, I felt amazing!!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I’ll certainly buy your DVD as soon as I can afford (currently studying and do not have enough money because I also have 2 small children) But I’ll really get the DVD and look at it. The job you are doing is absolutely amazing and I can not thank you enough for letting me take part of your call.” —Anna

“When I’m getting coached by Alana, her sensuality and excitement for life flow through me. I open up and mmmm… it feels like chocolate.” —Ivka

“Allana, Hi Beautiful You… My husband and I just finished watching the last Your Delicious Body DVD last night! Ooohhh delicious hugs to your BEing and Thank You. I’m an Access Bars Facilitator and have gone to Foundations & Level 1 and a 3 day body class. My delicious insignificant other (haha) supports me amazingly with these and Rocked my socks off when he listened to the tele-series call and then said “yes, buy this package”. Whoo Hooo HDIGBTT? OMG thank you! So we’ll start playing the cd at night while we sleep and wow wow I’m looking forward! WEIP? I’m choosing Access L2&3 daily then beyond to facilitators etc. What energy, space and consciousness can me, my body and my BEing be to have total ease with generating the funds and beyond to BE at these events? WEIP? I sense using the tools will have me there with ease, joy and glory at some point. Thank you for going deeper, BEing authentic, cussing, crying and snorting kinda it was just a lil moist nose… Haha. and being the sexualness of you. You put into words at one point something I hadn’t been able to. When expansiveness and sexuality and potency are so wow whew Yum and potent that’s when I fully have a sense of me BEing… I still didn’t explain it the way it was expressed in the vid but… Yes that… Thank you for your contribution. ” —Jennifer H.

“WOW! Our time together last session was very powerful. It was as if you shed a spot light on areas that needed to be acknowledged and tended to. Thank you.” —Saskia

“WOW. Thank you SO much for the call. I feel like I just connected with you on a level that’s … rarified. I was searching for the right word, and I think that’s it. It is a feeling of tuning into a place that’s so very alive, pulsing with life energy, yet completely at peace. You’re so intuitive, your guided meditation was almost like dancing with someone who gently yet firmly guided me back inside, to a deep awareness in which I can surrender to Spirit’s guidance. And at the same time, it was all very practical and grounded. Allana, I thank you for your gifts, for being a clear honest channel through which the energy of Spirit can flow and evolve.” —Kristin

“Allana is an extraordinary coach who has the deep sensitivity of someone who lives what she teaches. Every conversation opens something up for me at a deeper level of authentic expression. I love who I am because of her support!” —Maria

“Allana allows women and men to get real and honest about what they truly want in their lives! She has a unique and talented gift for getting us prepared to receive what it is WE want!! In one phone session she can get you in touch with deep rooted fears and turn it around into something beautiful and fruitful. I have experienced a consciousness within myself that I was ignoring for a long time. Her continual love, passion and support keeps me on my path of truth and happiness!” —Jenette

“I feel so incredible this morning after having talked with you. In fact, I had a gal who is signed up to take classes tonight, with her two other friends. Thanks for helping me start learning to let go and start focusing on the matters at hand.” —Miyoko

“Allana, you are THE best!! I am a 42 year old single mom of three girls that was in such a ‘frumpy’ stage…until I worked with you and now I’m full of “sexy”!! I’ve been seeing a man that is 4 years younger than me and was beginning to think I was “too old”… WHAT was I thinking!!! I’m HOT! You make me feel so good about who I am! Thank you! And a great big hug to you!!!!” —Bobbie Joe

“I’ve made stupid mistakes with men, being so needy and desperate!! I’m now happy in my own skin and feel like a goddess now! Allana, it’s all down to your help!” —Janet

“Allana is a dynamic coach who masterfully combines compassion and accountability to inspire success within her clients. It is clear that her passion is to tap into the potential of those she works with, and the results are impressive. She has a talent for relating with people and asking the right questions to clarify and empower. Through my coaching from her I have not only experienced many breakthroughs, but also learned how to surrender to breakthroughs on my own. In addition, Allana sincerely rejoices with me when I achieve goals I never thought possible!” —Elise

“I am still courageously using the many tools that you gave me. My life is quite a bit more pleasurable than before “my training”. I am saying “yes” to me and “yes” to my children more… the cup is much fuller now… and I continue to expand. I have accepted that I no longer need to “fix” me because I am not broken, I was just a bit closed. I now chose to be a vessel – constantly being filled and flowing with gifts to the world. I am enough. With deep openness and complete love.” —Chelle

“Thank you, my dear friend Allana, for your fabulous newsletter!!!!! I just remembered who I am. I can hardly believe that I forgot. But, when my Mom became sick, I put all of my attention on being well. I forgot my joyous sexy body… no more!! I Love You!!” —Michel Joy

“Coaching with you was the most awesome experience, you have a gift for making me feel validated and in line with my purpose at all times. You supportive questions pull something out of me that makes me excited to improve myself and most of all give me the energy to open up to letting my goals materialize. For the first time in my life I feel this calm sense of faith and assuredness. My life has been touched so deeply by your pure heart.” —Alexis

“It has been my experience working with Allana that she has the ability to zero right in to the real issues at hand, bypassing everything that is just in the way. With this ability, she seems to know exactly what is needed in the moment. She will tell you what no one else is willing to say gently, with nurturing care and love. This got me where I wanted to go in the fastest, most sure way.” —Carrie

“Allana is transformational, revealing, authentic and trusting. Working with Allana has literally changed my life—with every session experiencing some level of powerful breakthrough. Through her professional talent, powerful connection to spirit, and fun, loving and genuine nature, Allana has an uncanny ability to pull out of you emotions and issues you never knew existed. By listening and understanding with authentic love, Allana’s unique guidance makes you feel safe in your vulnerability and ready to grow through self love. Because of her brilliant life coaching, I have learned to not only love myself, but to be authentically open to receiving real love into my life.” —Gina

“Allana teaches women how to open up to their feminine power. So much is in the way of a woman being in her femininity… kids, work, past hurts. When we finally give ourselves permission for pleasure on a regular basis, something awakens within us. Almost like a sleeping giant. This creates an inner confidence that transfers into all areas of life. Since I have worked with Allana, I have been told that I look more radiant, I am more free and accepting of my body and I am attracting lots of masculine energy into my life! She provides me with knowledge, tools and homework while making it safe to explore places where I have never gone before. I am now free from the lifelong monsters of the mind. This transfers into real life as everyday joy and happiness, a newfound “sexy,” increased self-esteem and acceptance of self ‘as is.'” —Veronica

“Allana can help you to envision your dreams and then using her unique blend of humor, intuitive wisdom, passion, and skill, will give you the tools and the support to live them. Don’t walk….RUN… and sign up for private coaching sessions….your life is waiting…the one you came here to live…the one you dream of living. With Allana you will discover that we are the architects of our bliss and you’ll have a ball building the “dream house” of your life with her cheering you all the way.” —Adrienne

“Dear Allana, I was just straightening my hair getting ready to go out with my friends and I realized something; I feel so amazing. I feel so good about myself. I’m happy, I’m making others happy. Telling them how grateful and appreciative I am to have them in my life and how I will always be there for them. I love this, I love making people feel nice and warm and bringing smiles to their faces with genuine compliments. It makes me happy. It makes me feel confident and loved and loving. Just thought that I would put this out there, I learned this from you. You are such an amazing role model and I am so grateful to be a part of your Master Mind team. Everything you do is so helpful, uplifting and encouraging. You have inspired me and will forever inspire me. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING.” —Sarah, Cal-Poly

“It is like the old commercial said “you’ve come a long way baby!” That is what happens when you have the deliciously authentic Allana Pratt coaching you. My first 6 sessions with Allana Pratt had me not only healing from an emotionally scarring past incident but with her genuine love, caring and guidance I was able to feel and allow my pure feminine being come forward. During the following 6 sessions Allana supported me by holding my space as I delved further into my deep feminine sacredness and connected with my loving divine source and power. The time with Allana helped me to direct all this new divine energy towards a passion which will allow me to retire from my current job with grace, ease and financial security. After Allana’s powerful coaching; I will never be the same again.” —Christine

“In the past, I have been the type of person who would not ask for help, or even accept it if it was offered. I was Miss Independent and had to do everything myself. After my divorce and several years of dating, I began to realize I was stuck. I was a self-help guru constantly trying to fix myself, but I was not making progress and I knew it. I just didn’t know what to do about it. Somewhere along the line, I came across Allana on the Internet and began getting her newsletters. She was speaking the truth and her guidance hit home with me. When she offered a free coaching call, I hesitantly accepted out of desperation and curiosity. We had a nice chat and I felt a really strong pull to sign up for a round of coaching which was so unlike me, but I thought this may just be what I need to get unstuck so I took the plunge. Allana and I covered a lot of ground in 6 sessions–childhood issues, relationships, leadership, career explorations, letting go, expressing my feelings and desires, reframing my outlook and so much more. I had revelations about the patterns that were holding me back. When you talk with Allana, she helps you reflect back on yourself in the most positive, loving, and supportive way. Listening to the the MP3’s of our conversations is so valuable. For one, you hear yourself like it was for the first time. That’s how I sound? (I sounded uptight!) That’s how I think? (I thought I was a positive person, but I could hear how I approached issues from a place of lack). Secondly, each coaching session is so therapeutic with visualizations, questions to ponder, and inspiring messages that you keep getting more benefit from listening to them again and again. If anyone is considering coaching, I would wholeheartedly recommend Allana. She was the right choice for me because she understands the universal laws and helped me delve deeper to find and believe in my best self.” —Kelly

Allana, Thank you so much! Ever since I’ve listened to Your Delicious Body, I just want to keep listening and hear it again and again. I feel so much more alive in my body and more feminine. I just love the feeling. Thank you!” —Tunde Virag

You have inspired me to love myself completely and to know that I am sexy, sophisticated, confident and I shine bright. When I walk into a room I am noticed. I told my ego “I’m in charge of my life”. You have changed me forever. —Julie K

Since you and I have talked I have met an amazing man. We have been dating about a year and he gave me an engagement ring this weekend ! We are taking it slow. Probably wait a while before marriage. Just enjoying life! I owe a huge hug to you. You helped me get where I am now. I’m so thankful to you. I was a mess when we first talked!! —Deborah

Hi Allana, I discovered your Intimate Conversations and am so happy I did. You are a wonderful interviewer and so appreciate your honesty and being intimate with the details of your life. As a single woman who has been single for a while and craving love so badly, I so relate and appreciate you being honest as to your experiences being single and staying positive along your path. You’re an inspiration. Thank you!! —Alise

Dear Allana, Thank you so much for all you do. I feel blessed and lucky to have made your acquaintance! I will be tuning in regularly… And telling all my friends about your calls too! —Ericka

Wow, this message shot straight into my heart (and my lady parts!) This is what I needed to hear today. I am falling in love with the mature me and this was just what I needed to catapult me into the next realm. I LOVE Allana! WOW! Total mind-body EXPLOSION!! —Laura B

The conversation with Dain was great. I get so tired of the predictable radio show hosts who are craving attention. You and Dain sparked off each other in a genuine, inspiring way. It was delicious to hear. —Pam

Great interview with Larry Michael. I can say with conviction from personal experience that his genetic energetics science is totally accurate. This conversation gave the best description I’ve yet heard of the difference between ‘mental emotional’ and ‘physical’ sexual response types. Thank you Allana for interviewing Larry again. —Pam

Dear Allana, I am on my path to confident joy and pleasure and finding your website has been a blessing as it flies me to my deepest desires in life. Thank you dear heart for all the good work you do in our world. I absolutely loved the email you wrote about the breakdown you were having a short while ago. It was truthful and honest and beautiful to read how you witnessed what was happening to you and how you brought yourself out of it. To live with so much awareness allows us to feel all of it joy, sad, scared without fear of getting stuck in the old patterns that no longer serve us. —Bonne

Thank you, my dear friend Allana, for your fabulous newsletter! I just remembered who I am. I can hardly believe that I forgot. But, when my Mom became sick, I put all of my attention on being well. I forgot my joyous sexy body…no more!! I Love You!! —Annyomous

Hi Allana, I just would like to thank you for Intimate Conversations and everything you do and for you being you! I am going through the Intimate Conversations archive since I just joined and don’t want to miss anything. I just bought How To Be and Stay Sexy and I am so excited to read it. I’m hoping it will give me the guidance I need to feel more, live more and get more into my sensuality. Thank you so much! —Bonnie

Dear Allana, I’m 13 pages in and I’ve already learned so much. SO much I had to stop and tell you. I’ve been able to reconcile all my feeling about sexuality and spirituality and come to some really incredibly realizations about previous relationships. I’m so glad I listened to my intuition and bought this book. How to Be and Stay Sexy! EVERY woman needs to read this! —Calico

Hi Allana, Thank you for an action-packed hour! I had no idea what to expect, I just know that I was guided to take action and speak with you. You have an amazing gift to get right to the heart of the matter. Looking forward to our next meet-up! —Aleta

Amazing call, it really blew me away and started me thinking about my situation. I really had bad confidence for so long due to bad experiences with men. I never really loved my self in the way I should. This call really changed me, and started me to feel things I have never felt before. I am beautiful, I am sexy no matter what anyone think. I have a good marriage right now and two beautiful kids, but most of the time I hide in my role as a mother and wife. I forget that I am a woman and I forget to love my self.
But this call really caught me! Great call and I will listen to it over and over again just to remind myself to just be me and how amazing I really am! — Anna

I truly cannot tell you how much better I feel!!!! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me and anything is possible again!!! Thank you so much for your assistance. I don’t have the words to tell you how much this Coaching call has meant – so far! JOY!!!!!!!!!!!! — Becky

Allana, thank you for your guidance and support. I reached out to you at a time when I was feeling very low and unworthy. I have only felt better since we connected. In a short amount of time you have guided me toward self love and self care and given me practices and new ways of thinking which have shifted the course of my life in a powerful, exciting way. Thank you so much! — Kala

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