What Men Say

What Men Say

“After 2 calls with Allana I have experienced a new sense of power and confidence that has changed my perspective on life and allowed me to move through the world in a more direct and powerful way. You’re amazing Allana, thank you for your playful attitude and helping me to be true to who I am.” —Ian, Florida

“Allana, amazing woman, mentor, coach! Yesterday was amazing. The best session yet!! I felt so wonderful afterward, effervescent, like bubbles rising to the top of a champagne glass. Thanks for sharing your personal stories. You really validated my own relationship choices and cleared any self-judgment away. I feel liberated today. I even boldly let two women know that I’m interested in going out with them. One, whom I had met at a charity event last weekend, told me she was in a relationship, but was deeply flattered. I wasn’t attached to the outcome. I was just proud that I summoned the balls to let her know I was attracted to her and interested. I felt like I had taken a huge step. The second woman I’m waiting to hear back from the email that I sent her on Facebook. I’m in action!” —Brian

“Allana shined a light on my relationship with my wife, resulting in valuing what I contribute to the relationship and setting boundaries regarding respectful behavior. By getting into my core that I am enough already, my confidence increased, as well as my easiness in relating with other people.” —Rogier

“I opened my copy up of Dear Lover today. I only went through the first 15 or so minutes. This is going to really help me get to be the person I want to be. I still battle everyday to be a better me. At times I’m too quiet and don’t say what’s on my mind. I’m still fighting to figure that out. It’s easier with some people than others. I’m 49 years old and don’t look my age (at least that’s what I have been being told). More importantly, I have a wonderful woman I would like to keep and not lose again. This is going to really help. Did I already say that?? Thanks again.” —Dave

“WTF did you do to me? The past two weeks I have been finding all the GOOD reasons bad shit has happened to me! Taking away ALL my victim’ness! I don’t like it. LOL! Other revelations are starting to pop into my awareness. AND women keep smiling back! Everywhere! BTW I LOVE black tights and boots! LOL. (inside joke from DVD)” —Daryl

“It was amazing to see you in person and feel the radiance emanating from you as you articulated how the feminine pole responds to grounded masculinity. Seriously I am not just saying that – I could feel your energy. Awesome! I was touched by your vulnerability and honesty when you shared some darker aspects of your past. I appreciated that greatly, and I feel that it added a huge aspect of depth to the event! There have been positive, albeit inconclusive, developments in my life since the workshop a few short weeks ago.” —Jonathan

“Allana thank you so much for today. I can’t describe the feeling of excitement I have right now. The feeling that my life has shifted, that my life changed today. I’m so grateful our paths crossed and I believe we will forever be connected. You are so incredible and it was so powerful to be in your presence! If there’s ever anything I can do for you in any area of your life, business or otherwise, I’d be honored to serve you, so don’t hesitate to ask. Talk soon. Safe travels home!” —Jordan

“I mean lady, unfrigginbelievable how good I feel. The brain was doing a good job of picking up the slack for the heart all these years, but all of the love from the heart feels like enough energy to fuel the world. I feel like I just took the governor/restrictor they put on cars so they can’t go past a certain speed–that thing–I feel like I just took it off my heart. Unreal. Thanks so much. You’re truly amazing. Thanks for the plutonium, It’s delicious.” —Shant, New York

“Allana, Things are awesome with me! First of all (after completing the Dear Lover DVD & upgrading to two private sessions) I had a very juicy weekend as a result of our session Friday. I’ve felt very empowered and on purpose to be “the King.” I’ve felt more empowered around food and the need to escape in movies and sports. On the romantic side, I went to a convention by myself on Saturday and attracted two delicious women to spend the day and evening with. I went out to dinner with both of them, drank wine, flirted, and both ladies gave me lots of attention. It was heavenly. There’s more to the story, which I can share next time we speak. Just wanted to let you know I felt magnetic on Saturday and the women were behaving differently around me than I’ve experienced in over a year and a half. On the business side, I’ve gotten busy with existing clients and talking projects with potential clients. Saturday, a new client gave a verbal commitment that he wants to hire me as his book editor. When his down payment arrives, I’ll be closer to being able to hire you for 6 more sessions… I am asking God “What will it take?” and keeping my eyes open for opportunities.I really choose to continue working with you, while easily paying my rent and bills, and I’m working on ways to manifest the money.” —Brian

“Thank you! I’ll hang in there. I can’t believe how much I have disclosed to you about me when in reality I hardly know you. For whatever reason I feel safe and understood.” —Eli

“Oh my God, Allana, your advice has been fabulous! I pruned in Italy, biked in Brussels, danced in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Brussels, did an acting class in the Ardennes, now doing a course in emotional bodywork and I fell in love with dancing. I’ve met more people in the past few months, than in the past few years. Shirley is back and I don’t want to stop! I love it! Thank you for encouraging me. That last little email of yours has had a huge positive impact on my life.” —Rogier

“My life coach, Allana Pratt, I can’t give her enough praise. She has transformed my life COMPLETELY in just a few weeks. I feel so peaceful and life is truly effortless for me now and I am unbelievably happy and looking forward and receiving all the wonders the world wants to present to me. I am also, for the first time in my life, in a position to choose what I want, who I want, and when I want – because I am in charge of my life and I don’t have to do anything to have this power! With Allana’s guidance, I found who I was hiding inside of me for so long and just allowed him to simply be… I just couldn’t have imagined what it is like to be free and to now truly love the damn sexy man I see in the mirror… my life has changed for the best and I know it will be this way forever… No way am I looking back, I’m staying living in the present, there’s no up or down, I am alive! There’s something else I know; that is, I know without finding myself, I wouldn’t have started to meet some amazing and beautiful people… I can only say that Allana has helped me and her work has truly changed my life as a man. My intention is to put her wisdom and guidance out there into the universe and if someone is open to receiving it, then it will be received. Did I mention she’s one of the most loving, personable, energetic, and sexiest women on the planet?” —Paul, Los Angeles

“After our last session I’ve felt better. I’ve listened to it on my ipod a handful of times. Sat down made my list of things you suggested and told my girlfriend exactly what my conditions are and what I expect of us. She was actually pretty happy and agreed whole heartedly. So I must tell you it feels like there’s been a weight lifted off of my friggin’ chest! Just wanted to say thanks for helping. Things are definitely looking up! I’m looking forward to our next session.” —Rick, Alaska

“Under Allana’s amazing guidance I was able to resolve old childhood issues that held me back. I now feel more centered and powerful, even my voice seems deeper and more resonant after just one phone session with her. She is delightful to talk to and brilliant at helping you get on the right path again.” —Chris, Switzerland

“As a single dad of three young ones, I’m VERY particular about who’s in my life. From one conversation with Allana, she identified a major block from a past relationship that I hadn’t even realized was affecting my current lack. Not only that, but the clarity I got from Allana’s coaching, helped me define my dream woman! I’ve never felt such peace and power in qualifying a woman who’s right for me… one who I absolutely KNOW wants ME, all of me, not necessarily my money. Know what I mean? After releasing this block and gaining incredible clarity, I attracted an amazing woman in my life, literally and unexpectedly, within days! I can’t begin to thank you Allana!” —Andy, Canada

“Our session last week was great. I feel a lot lighter now that the chains that were weighing me down have been broken. The session also helped me realize that I need to stop trying to fix myself because I’m not broken. It’s time to take all of the self help information that I have learned the past few years and put it into action. You were right when you told David that you work miracles and you sometimes put yourself out of work because you’re so good. I really like your work and what you’re doing for the world.” —Mikael, California

“I have had an impactful personal session with you that helped me find much more of my authentic personal perspective again. I can feel it, just where we worked on in the session. The session served to reprogram that part of me and really strengthened my sense of purpose and confidence in my self. I need to re-establish respect and appreciation first and make sure it is there really solidly. I need to stay in my heart and stay on purpose. I also need to understand women better – when I understand something thoroughly I gain confidence about it.” —Greg, California

“Just wanted to let you know that out of all the David DeAngelo CDs I have listened to, I enjoyed your interview the best. I listened to it twice just today, as I was delivering flowers for Valentine’s day. Your advice from a women’s perspective was outstanding, plus your very warm and sexy voice was very pleasing to the ears. Good to hear that there are women still out there that don’t want to pussify their man. Very encouraging! Keep up the great work!” —Rob, Illinois

“My experience with Allana can only be described as enlightening! Allana awakened my heart; I felt emotionally abandoned and sleeping for such a long time. I can honestly state that Allana will put you in touch with your emotions, feelings, heart and essence in ways that you haven’t realized in a lifetime. If you let her in you will bond with a soul that you will not easily abandon. I sincerely feel that there are very few people in this world that you can confide in and trust as effortlessly as you will Allana. Open your heart and let her in!!! Allana, you have awakened my sleeping heart. You have focused my power and authority. You have righted my ship. You have directed my energy. You have lead me to my light. Your voice sings a melody of the heart.” —Randy, Massachusetts

“In the dark months before I worked with Allana Pratt, I had spent $3000+ on my therapist; was pressing my female friends to finally tell me what I was doing wrong / what was wrong with me; even had my female BFF smell my neck and arm to make sure I didn’t have B.O. to see if that was the thing that stopping me getting 2nd dates or if I got a 2nd, getting a 3rd. I was 41 years old and had been generally unsuccessful with women since I was 13. And after 18, it just got worse — in all four years of college (in NYC!!!), I didn’t have a girlfriend or have sex once. Later, I was on Match.com on and off for fifteen years. Within minutes into my 30 minute Skype consult with Allana, she figured things out my therapist of 4 years hadn’t – it was like I finally had met a specialist who could identify and possibly heal my mysterious and debilitating pains after years of inept generalists. I bit the bullet and signed up for her six pack and let me tell you – IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY. Allana got inside, connected the dots, blew out the old patterns, asked questions my therapist had never thought of — eventually rewiring my entire sense of self that had gotten buried under self-doubt, years of rejections and family / childhood bullshit. Fifteen days after my last session with Allana, I met an adorable blond girl at a party who within 3 weeks of knowing me, broke up with her live-in-boyfriend of 5 years to date me. Recently, an old girlfriend confessed that her friends were now saying to her they thought I was ‘cute’ – something they had never said to her when we were together (even though I physically LOOKED the same) – she said my “aura of self pity” was gone and my posture was like I was ready to please the women before me. Allana MAKES THE SPINNING STOP. There’s a version of YOU you haven’t caught up with yet – and Allana is the guide to get you there. Ever see LIMITLESS with Bradley Cooper? Allana Pratt is real-life version of the pill he takes.” —David Kessler, Los Angeles

“You are a brilliant coach, I am very grateful for how you have helped me, I was lost and now I feel alive. If that girl I mentioned ‘flakes’ then she is not a quality girl and I would not want to date her anyway. I will strike out for what I want and will attract what I want into my life… Exciting times!!! Thanks Allana, you’re a star, you really are!” —Kevin, United Kingdom

“After a whole lot of thinking and trying to change things in my life I finally decided to make the step and go for Allana’s Six Pack for Success. I have known about this program for a long time and I finally did it. Now I have taken 3 sessions and I have learned a lot and even more important, I was guided and I did not just learn it, but I really understand it and can put it to practice. Allana is putting her heart and soul into the sessions and the meditations and I can feel that this is helping me even more to “heal my wounded heart”. I am learning to love myself unconditionally, which means even the parts that I didn’t like before. I am learning to be in peace with myself and this changes a whole lot more. One example of what has changed for me personally is so full of symbolism that it even seems strange, but a week ago I felt like going on a mountain tour with a friend and the first time in my life I also felt like choosing the mountain and I even lead the way. All the mountain tours before, I have followed the lead of others.” —Thomas, Bavaria

“Allana Pratt is a true Godsend among women and relationship counselors. Through her amazing visual techniques, she helped guide me back onto the path of self-respect and self-confidence. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with issues pertaining to relationships, love and life.” —David, Texas

“Allana, I can’t believe this will be our last call in the series. I’ve really appreciated your knowledge and support. You’ve given me so much insight and clarity, and in such a short time. Each session has been an invaluable source of insight and healing. I was lucky to find you and glad I spent the money for coaching! I will definitely recommend you to friends.” —Rolando

“Yes, amazing call. Good things are happening, Allana. There’s a pleased man on the other end of this line. Thank you.” —Jared, Oregon

“When I came to Allana for help, I was really looking for tips to improve just my dating life. I was so frustrated and hurt that I had almost started hating women, accusing them of being over-rated and manipulative. That’s how shallow my beliefs were, that at times I even felt pathetic about myself. And right when I was about to fall of a cliff, an Angel by the name of Allana came and rescued me. I don’t know if its experience or just divine power, but she sees the truth like nobody else and completely understands you. This coming from a 23 year old, international student and culture that has very little in common. She, with all her loving and compassion, had immediately restored my faith in women, in the first call itself! I could completely open myself to her, that I felt vulnerable yet protected in her presence. And that’s when the healing work was so powerful. She also taught me what women really want in life and from their man. I have told my brothers about my private sessions, with her and they just laugh at me. Allana is different and knows what it takes to be an outstanding man. You cannot procrastinate in this area, because like every other wound, your inner wound also gets worse with time, that it could get infected and septic, and could leave you with a scar for life. I encourage you, as responsible and superior men, to be honest and face reality completely, and if you ever have any doubts, Allana is that person you can count on.” —Arjun, Wisconsin

“Until I met Allana I was looking for someone who could tell me why I was like I was, or who I was so I could be “better”, and have a better life. What I found from working with Allana was someone who could show me how to get in touch with ME and let me find out, for myself, with her help, who I was, what I wanted & how to go about getting it. I’ll give you an analogy: If you feel like you are fumbling around in the dark for a light switch, Allana can not only tell or show you how to find it but she can also show you how to tap into the energy behind it. Allana will believe in you, support you and be your champion. If you can “sit in the fire” with her you won’t be the same; you’ll be a better person for it. I know I am.” —Bert Dyer, Tennessee

“I contacted Allana because I was having relationship problems with the woman I love. I was unsure of myself, lacking confidence, and generally confused. What I didn’t realize is I was this way in various aspects of my life, not just my relationship. I was wishy washy, I couldn’t give myself or other people a firm answer when one was needed, I was having trouble sleeping, experiencing a loss of appetite, filled with anxiety. When I contacted Allana it felt like I was at the end of my rope and didn’t know where I was going. In my job we have a safety meeting every morning. There is approximately 70 people in the room every day. During those meetings I was one of the ones sitting down and listening. The thought of actually getting up in front of everyone and running a meeting was something I know I would not have been able to do. Here I am six sessions and three months later. My sessions with Allana have literally been transforming. I’m a different person then I was three months ago. I’m confident, I’m secure, well grounded, free of anxiety and sleepless nights, there is no more internal emptiness, neediness, and judging of myself. I was asked to fill in for a supervisor position for three weeks at work, I accepted the offer and gave it a try (before I wouldn’t have even accepted the offer.) Instead of getting nervous and panic stricken I was calm and peaceful with myself. I stood up in front of 70 people and talked like I had done it a thousand times. It was actually fun. After filling in for about 5 days I was offered the job! I know for a fact, beyond the shadow of a doubt had I not called Allana NONE of this would have been possible. So anyone reading this I would like to say thank you to Allana for helping me see the real me and getting me in touch with my power! People don’t change in less they want to. If you can keep an open mind and truly want to improve your life for yourself you need to contact Allana. The money and time you invest in yourself with Allana will be one of the best things you ever do.” —Rick French, Alaska

I must say you really are a treat. Like a wise, sexy jewel… if there is such thing
Thank you. —Istok

Oh my!!! You are soooo intuned, sensual, provocative, sexual, passionate, honest and true Allana! Wow!!! So amazing that you could be so honest and true, sharing those things that so many women deep down have feelings, ideas, thoughts and fantasies on. Passion that deep down women have, and just won’t admit it …. You’re a blessing to so many women and men and myself. —Anonymous

I have your interview from David Shades cure nice guy package, which got me onto your website. I have to say it’s amazing and as I am on the road a lot as a salesman I would have listened to your interview around 20 times easy. I am very excited about what the Dear Lover DVD’s will bring. —Jonathan

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