What Colleagues Say

What Colleagues Say

“Allana Pratt is a pillar of strength and inspiration for anyone on a journey of self-improvement. This dating, relationship, and intimacy expert offers deeply personalized advice for singles and couples in turmoil. She deftly explains hot dating topics like how vulnerability can be sexy, what men can do to get out of the friend zone, and how to ignite a wildly sensual relationship. Through her coaching, workshops, radio shows, books, and other self-help materials, Allana gives men and women the tools to transform themselves and their lives for the better. If you’re ready to take control of your relationships and awaken your core strength, Allana’s uplifting words of wisdom can show you the way.” —Hayley Matthews, Editor-in-Chief of DatingAdvice.com

“That really was a jolt of happiness for me! You DO ask great questions – you made me think – and I think I’ve said things I never have before.” —Adam Gilad

“I finally listened to our Intimate Conversation. Thank you. You did pull quite a bit out from me that I’ve never communicated publicly before.” —Destin Gerek

“I absolutely loved the call. It was one of the easiest, most inspiring, and most connected interviews I have ever had. We shall meet someday for sure!” —Zan Perrion

“There’s nobody better than you! You are such a gifted communicator and I loved talking with you. Thanks so much for the interview!” —Leeza Gibbons, TV & Radio Host, Founder Leeza’s Place

“Allana is one of the rare people who has the power to see what’s really going on in your love life, and then reach inside you to transform your life for the better forever.” —Christian Carter

“Allana, Thank YOU for being so GREATfull, rare and indescribably delicious.” —SARK

“I just wanted to thank you for the most amazing interview on your show. You truly have a gift in this area. It was as if we were just sitting outside under a tree having a wonderful “woman to woman” talk. You are a natural!” —Linda Gray, “Sue Ellen” of Dallas, UN Ambassador

“Allana is such a soulful, uplifting, FUN woman! I always get so much out of talking with her. She’s really GOING FOR IT in her own growth and in bringing women the best possible resources and inspiration for their own lives. If you want to uplevel your joy and possibilities, get with Allana now.” —Carol Allen

“You always amaze me! Thanks for contributing your BRILLIANT article this month in Goddess Queen Magazine…I feel 10 feet tall after reading your advice. Even though I’m not a mom, all the advice is relevant to me. You ROCK!” —Kelly Sullivan Walden, Goddess Queen Magazine

“I have known Alana for 7 years, and during that time she has consistently shown her intelligence and sensitivity in her relationship to, and with, the people that she coaches. Not only is she an “off the charts” coach, but, she is also highly coachable and a pleasure to work with. Alana worked with me for several years as Head Coach of the Self Expression and Leadership Program, and during that time, she interacted skillfully and successfully with hundreds of people, elevating their own view and expectation of themselves. She is well educated, and extremely well trained, and can be relied upon to produce high results, while maintaining both her own personal integrity, and the integrity of the program. Alana is committed to creating a life of full self expression and celebration for her clients. She is eloquent and confident in a corporate, seminar, or workshop environment and she is grounded and heartfelt in her leading of women’s groups, sacred circles, and spiritual retreats. The bottom line is she listens. That gives her the ability to intuitively know the right questions to further the inquiry and bring a conversation to profound insight and clarity.” —John King, Author of The Coaching Revolution, High Performance Business Coach

“I met Allana Pratt in 2009 at an event in which she was the speaker assigned to close out the event. Her words of wisdom and her positive energy spoke volumes to my spirit and soul. In that moment her words changed my life. Then I contacted Allana to be a guest speaker at our Annual Charity Event for Women and Children of Domestic Violence. Just as I remembered, she was phenomenal. Her positive energy captivates the audience and her inspirational words are life changing.” —Tunisia

“Allana has strong intuitive skills, deep compassion and authentic interest in people living successful lives. Her gift of clarity and insight translates into thought provoking questions that create breakthroughs for her clients. She is certainly among the top 1% of coaches which is why I selected her to work with our program.” —Graham White, SuccessTracs Head Coach, The World’s Largest Coaching Program With over 100 Coaches and more than 2000 Clients

“Yes, a good copywriter needs experience, expertise and success. But to get any results… It’s only possible IF the client has a really exceptional product. With high numbers of targeted traffic who will see the website with all the fascinating details. And it makes all the difference in the world if the clients are a joy to work with. Allana’s products are truly sensational. Now you might think “Yeah, Steve you would obviously say that.” But here’s why it’s true.
On Allana’s latest product “Your Delicious Body” I, as every copywriter must, did a huge amount of research on the program. Watching, listening and reading it many, many times. Purely from a copywriters viewpoint – to get the right words, phrases and emotional triggers. To do everything possible to make the copy persuasive, compelling and irresistible. The idea is of course to sell lots of the programs. But while I’m doing all this – I began to get tremendous gains from the program. I wasn’t concentrating on achieving this – but my goodness it was fantastic. And it all happened automatically. Proving without a shadow of a doubt that this program is rather extra special. It really is fabulous.
Also Heather and Allana are just the greatest ever clients to work with. Why? Not only are they genuinely wonderful people. They said what every copywriter could only dream about – (but are unlikely ever to hear ). But I did. And here are the “dream words” they said – “What would you ask for if you could have everything you wanted to make you feel 110% valued, validated and happy working for us?” Which makes it such an honor and a privilege to be working with them.” —Steve King, Professional Copywriter and Content Coordinator

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