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Role Shift. Now I’m The Breadwinner

Q: My partner and I have shifted roles in our marriage.  He has been the breadwinner for the past nine years but recently stepped down to pursue a different career.  Now, I am the breadwinner; however, I now feel like I shouldn’t have to play maid, chef, lover, therapist to him when he is home. He always wanted me to understand his space when he was working but now he expects me to be the loving wife even though I’m supporting us as well. Any thoughts?

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Doesn’t Want Me or Our Child

You asked Coach Allana Pratt: I saw your answer about helping a woman stop fighting her with her ex-husband, what do you have for a woman who somehow seems to keep fighting with a man she “technically” dated (mostly just slept with), got knocked up by, and somehow fell in love with but he doesn’t feel the same about her? He doesn’t even acknowledge our kid and swears that I got pregnant on purpose to trap him? Every time I try to shut him out of my life, he pulls me back in, then we fight, then he blames me for his financial issues (because he has to pay child support). I just don’t know what to do anymore.


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