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Which Should I Choose? The BF or the Dog?

Question: Before my boyfriend, my favorite companion was my dog. My boyfriend has always been kind to her; however, we have been talking about moving in together and he keeps picking places that don’t allow pets.  Is he making me choose? Read More →

Me or The Job?

Q: My fiance and I have started planning our lives here in Austin; however, she has scored an amazing job and without talking to me – accepted it.  Now she is expecting us to move to Chicago.  Do I have the right to make her choose between me or the job?

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My Girlfriend’s Future Is In My Hands

The one that got away.  So many love stories begin or end with this idea.  Either is starts with him trying to get back the one he lost or ends when he doesn’t realize what he has until she is gone (fade to black).  So what do you do when you find yourself right smack in the middle?  You realize what you have but you don’t want to be her regret.

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