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Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Tanya Paluso

My Interview with amazing Tanya Paluso  of Tribal Truth was totally kick @ss! We talked about everything from feminine power,  rawness, vulnerability, taking a stand, taking a stand for PEACE, and just showing up authentically… It was stunning!  We talked about channeling out anger into FIERCE love.  She also shared about her own journey of transforming beneath the anger, through the grief, to this fountain of joy that naturally emerged!  I can’t wait to call Christina Dunbar (who introduced Tanya and I ) and tell her how authentic, raw, delicious and inspiring our conversation was!

If you missed it, you can watch the replay at Intimate Conversations Live!

Also, make sure you check out Tanya’s bio below!

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Intimate Conversations with Tanya Paluso

This interview with Tanya Paluso of Tribal Truth, is going to be just like the two of us going out for a glass of wine or an eggnog latte… I can already tell we are going to hit it off! I love her flavor of authenticity and rawness.  She has SUCH a huge heart and space for vulnerability, and for sharing what’s going on in her world. Talk about raw and revealing! If anybody can go to the core and something Magical can be revealed, I’m sure it’s Tanya.