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Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Kimberly Seltzer

I am SO excited! I have a date tonight and the timing couldn’t be better because my guest on Intimate Conversations this week, Kimberly Seltzer, just happens to be an amazing dating and makeover expert!

She reminded me of things that I had long forgotten since, I was last in the world of dating. Like the fact, that we decide how we feel about someone within the first 30 seconds based on attitude and what they’re wearing. We talked a lot about what to wear, from the underwear  up to the clothes, color and then, from the inside out. We also talked about foreplay. 😉

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Intimate Conversations with Kimberly Seltzer

You know what? I’m really in the mood for a makeover and so this week I’m very excited to have our guest Kimberly Seltzer with us. Over the past years, Kimberly and I have been crossing each other’s universes and just recently, at a match-making event, I was finally able to meet her and ask her (in person) to join us on Intimate Conversations!

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