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My Parents Hate My Girlfriend!

Q:   My parents hate my girlfriend—especially my mother. She is constantly telling me that she doesn’t trust her and that I can do better. My father just sits there. I know I am going to marry this woman—I have already bought the ring. My mother knows as well and just keeps telling me that I am making a huge mistake. My girlfriend is amazing, she is taking everything with stride and is bending over backwards to win them over (see why I want to marry this woman!) What can I do? She doesn’t deserve this.
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How long should one try before calling it quits in a marriage?

Coach Allana Pratt loves receiving your questions: I’m in a narcissistic/codependent trait marriage of 14 years and 3 kids with infidelities on both sides, and overall an unhappy unconscious marriage. I am doing my inner work and am on the path to a healthy me. The other side is not interested in collaborating, sees me as a needy pushover and though I’m committed (it’s been over a yr since dday), at times I feel like am fighting a lost battle. How do I decide if to stay married or divorce, and for how long should one try (what is the sure sign I’ve done all I could, it’s time to call it quits)?


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