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Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Jane Garapick

There were so many incredible nuggets of wisdom in my interview this week with the wonderful Jane Garapick, founder of Getting to TRUE Love. I just left feeling a whole new level of surrender, that the Universe truly has my back. And yours too.

You know, so often we build up walls, thinking we’ve got it handled and while that’s great, we sometimes do it to a fault.  We become almost like an “Island” where become closed off and no longer receive help or support. But, I don’t think the whole world HAS to be on our shoulders! It’s okay to ask the Universe to help out sometimes.

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Intimate Conversations Live with Jane Garapick

I can’t wait to chat with another fellow Canuck this week on Intimate Conversations Live! Jane Garapick is super passionate and insightful into what it takes to find the RIGHT man for you and avoid all the rest.

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Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Laura Fenamore

OMG, I adore Laura Fenamore from! Laura’s a Weight Release & Body Image Expert who supports and teaches women around the world to love who they see in the mirror. Through her guidance, they learn to unlock the secrets to healthy weight and to love their bodies like never before.

Laura’s popular Body Image Mastery programs are celebrated by thousands of women globally who have released their excess weight, reclaimed their self-esteem, and went on to live bold and happy lives.

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