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Had a Miscarriage. Feel Ashamed and Alone

Q: Allana, I recently had a miscarriage. It was very early in the pregnancy and I never told my boyfriend I was even pregnant. I feel so alone and ashamed. I’m too embarrassed to say anything now but each day is it getting harder as I go through this alone. I’ve never lost anyone – not my parents, grandparents, pets and I feel as if this is all my fault. Do you have any advice to help someone like me or am I a lost cause?

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Our Secrets Keep Us Sick

Today I had brunch with my friend Christina. Hadn’t seen her since my BDay party at a Burlesque show! We shared about our personal stories and how our secrets keep us sick, small and stuck.

Brunch with Christina

Christina’s full name is, Christina Dunbar. She’s sharing her secret life as an exotic dancer and what she discovered about sex, shame and money.

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