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What To Do When You Don’t Want Someone

Q: One of my fellow classmates is easy on the eyes but his arrogance is nauseating. The worst part is he’s attracted to me and he swears I am secretly in love with him and playing hard to get (so essentially it is like we are in kindergarten and he is on recess pulling my pigtails, so to speak). What can I do to let him know I am just not interested.

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Getting Over His Rejection

Q:  Allow me to thank you for your sharing, I could be your twin. Same story with me, exactly – except, I can’t move on from the one that said “We don’t have enough stuff for long term compatibility.”

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First Date Disappointment

Q: I have tried online dating and always post the best pic of myself but each time I have met the guy, he acts like he is disappointed. What’s the deal? Is it my personality? I hope it isn’t the bottom half of me that turns them off, that would be heartbreaking!

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Getting Over Fear of Rejection

Question: Ms. Pratt, I’m 40 and have never had a girlfriend/wife. I was in therapy , in which we have found the underlying issue for me is I grew up in an abusive household (father physically, verbally abused mother) so it’s hard for me to deal with unwanted adrenaline. Like your client, my fear of rejection is staggering. Not sure I’m the same as your client but I have Social Anxiety so bad it’s hard for me to be around people at all. Can you please talk about some techniques to deal with unwanted adrenaline and how to get over fear of rejection?? Thanks in advance.

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Why Must Men Always Take The Lead?

You asked Coach Allana Pratt: “Should I feel guilty that I feel resentful, frustrated, and down right bitter because I am the one that ALWAYS has to make the first move, ALWAYS has to approach, and do the asking out?  Am I the only man that doesn’t enjoy this?  Why are men lead to believe that we should enjoy and embrace this role in dating?

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Doesn’t Want Me or Our Child

You asked Coach Allana Pratt: I saw your answer about helping a woman stop fighting her with her ex-husband, what do you have for a woman who somehow seems to keep fighting with a man she “technically” dated (mostly just slept with), got knocked up by, and somehow fell in love with but he doesn’t feel the same about her? He doesn’t even acknowledge our kid and swears that I got pregnant on purpose to trap him? Every time I try to shut him out of my life, he pulls me back in, then we fight, then he blames me for his financial issues (because he has to pay child support). I just don’t know what to do anymore.


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