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46 is Not Old!

Q: Allana, 46 is not old! I am livid every time someone refers to you as an old woman. This rant started when someone made a comment that they were impressed that Jennifer Lopez still had it in her 40s. They are SHOCKED that she can still stand upright and breathe or something?  46 is not old! I turn 46 in September and I still Salsa once a week, I still rock climb with my husband, I still do everything a 20 year old can do.  Doesn’t this bother you at all, Allana? I’m just curious as you seem to pole dance and I don’t know if the idiots in this world are shocked that you do something so youthful (in their opinion, not mine because I think it’s hot!)

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Boyfriend Won’t Go To Strip Club With Me

Q: I have been taking pole dancing classes and I absolutely love it! It gives me a true appreciation for the talent of a stripper.  I want to take my boyfriend to a strip club but he won’t go.  Help!
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Intimate Conversations ~ Highlights with Patty Alfonso

You know that amazingly powerful post-sex feeling? How satisfying, sensual and freeing it is? That’s the feeling you’ll get after listening to this incredible interview with Patty Alfonso!

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Brave Bold and Raw: A Few Highlights So Far

I can’t believe we are already on day 6 of Brave Bold and Raw!  It has been SO delicious, open, fun, and even a little bit naughty!  I have had the pleasure of speaking with some of the most amazing, bold, and beautiful ladies! Were you there?  Here is a juicy little re-cap on the past 3 days: Read More →