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I Want a 4th Child. He Wants a Vascetomy!

Q: Allana, I am the proud mother of three beautiful children; but, I have always wanted four. I know I made the age old mistake of not discussing how many children when I first got married but now that kid number 3 has arrived my husband has flat out said “No more kids!”. He wants a vasectomy. I’m heartbroken as I have always wanted a round number of children. Do you think this is fair? How can I change his mind?

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More Kids Vs. Getting Snipped Battle

Q: My husband and I are not seeing eye to eye.  I want more kids, he is done and wants a vasectomy. Who gets to make the final call?

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Who Should Be Fixed?

Q: My husband and I have decided we are done with children once our second child arrives.  The debate is on: who should get the surgery, him or me?

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