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Waiting To Be Rejected

In honor of my next workshop starting in April, here is a sweet sincere question from the December workshop. Enjoy!

Q: Allana, I have been having the hardest time dating. I left my previous girlfriend because she was so emotionally and verbally abusive. And now, I am dating someone new, I am in a relationship, and I am so paranoid and psychologically messed up that I keep making mistakes, waiting for her to reject me. I don’t know how to put my mind at ease, I don’t know how to be present, I don’t know how to tell myself “the past is the past”.

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Date Was Great But Now In The Friend-Zone


Question: I have gone out on a few dates with this amazing woman only to find out that she just wants to be friends.  She said “we would fight all the time”!  How can she assume how our relationship would be without even giving it a chance?

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2nd Chance – Don’t Want To Blow It

Second chances are rare, so what do you do when the universe bestowed upon you the impossible – a second chance with the love of your life?  How do you make sure you do everything right this time? How do you guarantee success?

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