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Possible to be Mentally Unfaithful

Q: At what point is mentally being unfaithful crossing a line?  While I would never cheat on my wife, a woman at work has become the leading lady in all of my fantasies.
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Her Husband or Her Crush?

Every conversation leads back to “him”.  No matter what you discuss, the topic, the situation – she always finds a way to bring it back to “him”.  She doesn’t even realize she’s in love with him.  Her whole face lights up when she talks about him.  Problem is, “he” is not her husband.

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Married But Falling For Another Woman

You meet someone. You feel yourself becoming comfortable with them. You share secrets, you have inside jokes, you look forward to seeing them each day.  Your universe is aligned now that they are in it.  You have never felt so alive! The problem is, this person is not your beloved!  You are falling for someone else!

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