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What Do You Do When Your Beloved Is Hiding Something?

Throwback to a holiday favorite.  Enjoy!

Q:  Allana, I don’t know why but I have this sinking suspicious that my boyfriend is keeping something from me.  I have no idea what to do!

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To Date You, I Give Up Me

This question came from one of my glorious audience members at MeetMindful:

Question: Allana, I lose myself when I date someone! What is it going to take for my life to thrive with a partner?  Read More →

Keeping it in the Family

Sharing a little goodie from the great people of Meetmindful: Allana, my best friend’s dad likes my mom. While it would be great if things worked out (because we would be sisters for real!), it would make life extremely awkward if it didn’t work out. Should we talk to our parents and tell them how it would affect us if they crossed that line.

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Third Date Big Reveal – Kids!

Question: Allana, I met a wonderful woman and we had two incredible dates.  On the third date, she revealed she had children! Is it wrong to stop calling her? I have never wanted children and I don’t see that changing in my future.
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51 Years Old, Zero Dates. Is It Too Late?

Question: I am 51 who has never been in a relationship, on a date, or anything else with a man for that matter.  At this age, is there even a point anymore?  Where would I meet someone?  Is there something wrong with me or did I just wait too long?
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Tired of the Taker

Question: My boyfriend is a taker.  He expects me to do everything in the relationship and if he does contribute, I never hear the end of it!  What’s the point of staying with him?
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